Mental Health Policy Paper

Mental Health Policy Paper
For this assignment, you will write a paper summarizing a current bill either federal or state that impacts psychiatric mental healthcare and collaborative care for access to treatment. The paper should contain the following main points as listed below:
1. Select a House of Representatives or Senate bill (national or state level), either currently in process or one that has been passed within the last two years that directly focuses on or impacts psychiatric mental health care advanced practice nursing, financing, operations, or collaborative care for access. (Include the name of the bill: e.g., H.R. 4909 (115th): Stop School Violence Act of 2018.
Mental Health Policy Paper
Be sure to note if the bill is federal or state-level legislation and indicate the state, if appropriate. Also note if the bill was passed and the date, if in committee [house or senate], or if awaiting the president’s signature).
2. Discuss your encouragement or opposition of the Bill based on ethical, legal, and policy considerations, and the nursing view and perspective for patient care.
3. Discuss how the bill impacts or will impact, the role of the PMHNP. Discuss the impact on health care quality and outcomes for psychiatric mental healthcare.
4. Discuss how the policy negatively or positively contributes to collaborative care for psychiatric mental healthcare and increased access to care for psychiatric mental health diagnoses.

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