mental disorder categories from DSM-5

utilize the mental disorder categories from DSM-5 to do an annotated bibliography on current research (within the last five years) on two disorders derived from the following list of mental disorder categories:
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Neurocognitive disorders
Schizophrenia spectrum and other disorders
Depressive disorders
Bipolar and related disorders
Anxiety disorders
Trauma- and stressor-related disorders
Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders
Somatic symptom and related disorders
Eating disorders
Sleep disorders
Personality disorders
The literature review is part of a final paper which will be due in Week 5. As part of choosing scholarly journal articles for the literature review, you will use the following subtopics in determining what articles to use.
Describe from the origins or history of the mental disorders.
Describe the psychological theory or theories that relate to the mental disorders, especially in the areas of diagnosis and treatment.
Describe the difference, if any, in age of onset and diagnostic criteria based on gender.
Explain the potential impact of the mental disorders on the individual and his or her family.
Explain the social perceptions of the mental disorders from stigma to advocacy.
Using the South University Online Library only, find three journal articles related to each topic area chosen. (Your textbook, Wikipedia, or any other Web source will not be accepted for this assignment.) The journal articles have to be from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. The articles do not need to be empirical studies but are required to be from primary sources.
Write a summary for each of the journal articles found.
Write an analysis and evaluation for each of the journal articles found.