Medication Education Presentation

Medication Education Presentation
15 sides for a max 15 minute presentation: Medication is ATIVAN…For the medication you selected in Discussion 3.3: Medication Selection for Medication Education Presentation, develop a video presentation using the structured outline below. Include a reference list of at least three sources, with at least one evidence-based research article. Where appropriate, use APA format. Use proper grammar, spelling, and composition in your presentation.
Medication Education PresentationState the drug name, classification, FDA-approved uses, and off-label uses (if any). If your medication is controlled, please list the federal regulations, your state\’s regulations, and best practices regarding dispensing.
Explain how the drug works and the mechanism of action.
List the most common side effects, significant drug-drug, food-drug, herb-drug, substance-drug interactions, and any black box warnings.
State the starting dose and how you would taper up and taper off the medication.
State what should be included for patient education.
From two pharmacies, find out what a 30-day supply would cost without insurance. List the pharmacies and the cost. You may use GoodRx (Links to an external site.) or call local pharmacies.
List any labs you would need prior to starting this medication and any labs you would need throughout the medication regimen (if any).
List any contraindications.
List pregnancy and breastfeeding precautions.
List any age limitations (such as “not approved in children under 12”) or age-related dosing considerations.
Give an example of a patient clinical picture (such as signs/symptoms, diagnosis, age, gender, and so on) who you would likely use this medication with .
Give an example of a patient clinical picture who you would likely avoid using this medication with.

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