Why we should Mandate the helmet law in the state of Florida

Topic: Why we should Mandate the helmet law in the state of Florida

Assignment Criteria for Presentation
1. Introduce your chosen policy issue (Helmet law in the state of Florida), the current status, and an overview of your plan for a legislative visit.
2. Articulate key communication strategies involved in your approach to the legislator including plan, message, and recommendations under each of the Planning Your Visit Ungraded Worksheet 2 sections using headings in your paper.
3. Provide an analysis of empirical evidence of effective communication strategies in policymaking including plan, message, and follow-up.
4. Provide specific examples of the impact and/or importance of a successful visit/presentation to nursing.
5. Provide concluding statements summarizing the content.
6. Paper will be 2-3 pages, excluding title and reference pages, and in APA format 6th edition.
7. Five non-text book references are required as minimum.

Following completion of Planning Your Visit Ungraded Worksheet 2, target communication strategies that support an effective policymaking visit. Include a minimum of five (5) classic references or current references (published within the past 5 years) that support your policy plan, the message, recommendations, and follow-up.

Worksheet #2
Specific Requirements: Talking to the Legislator
1. Review what has been done in the past by others regarding your chosen healthcare policy issue. What was the result of their actions related to this policy issue? Why is this issue important to nursing?
2. Who are the federal, state, and local policymakers involved in your chosen policy issue? How can you contact your policymaker? Be sure you single out a policymaker whom you know is interested in your issue.
3. What will be the plan for your presentation to the policymaker?
4. What is the message you want to give to your selected policymaker/legislator? Can you present a compelling ‘story’? Can you convey your experience with the policy issue? (ex… Emergency Dept.) Can you present basic research data in an easy-to-understand and interesting way? What are you asking? What are you recommending? Please review the examples of a policy brief in your text or on the American Nurses Association website. What are your expectations of the policymaker and for your visit/presentation in general?
5. How do you plan to convey your message? What considerations must you have in place with respect to time constraints, availability of policymaker, and contingency plans?
6. Include a presentation using PowerPoint .Include the actual presentation slides (max of 5 slides) what information (i.e. handouts) will you leave with the policymaker?

Specific Requirements: Communication Practices to Support Policy Processes (graded—see corresponding rubric)
Prepare a 2-3 page paper with empirical evidence demonstrating communication techniques that support effective policy making and follow-up.