Lincoln Hospital Case

In respect to the Lincoln Hospital Case, the diagnosis that is most likely to be used or the one I had selected is the organization level approach. Organization level approach way of diagnosing problems is the best simply because it evaluates all the issues starting from the individuals’ level up to the areas whereby the company has failed itself. Mary’s problem and the other employees’ behaviors do not affect individuals but they are the concern of the entire organization. After diagnosing the entire firm, there are some of the problems that need to be fixed in order to have an environment which provides good working conditions for the employees and on the other hand prove better services to the patients. Employees that are required to provide services are less and the available ones do not have enough experience. Another thing is that lack of communication and trust is another great problem among the employees, (Murphy & Willmott, 2010).

In order to have quality results from the consultant’s approach that should be used, ensure that all the problems marked have been dealt with in the organization level. Since there is some shortage of workers and the available ones are less qualified, what does the company have to do to ensure that all things are put into place? In order to have an environment that is workable, the firm should ensure that it uses required approach in providing patients with services. Quality communication is the best human process approach that is quite applicable in dealing with issues that faces the firm. Without communication, each and every employee will think he or she is doing the right thing which will yield bad results, (Busch, 2008).


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