Leonardo Da Vinci

“The Last Supper’s influence on Arts & Humanities

Leonardo Da Vinci born on April 15th the year 1452 died when he was in his late 60s. He was great simply because despite that he was a painter; he was a cartographer, mathematician, musician, geologist and scientist just to mention a few. Leonardo Da Vinci was among the best Italian painters who developed art work which for years has helped many people learn about the old days. His paintings have been a great influence to the up coming generations simply because they do manage to get ideas and concepts of a great painter. He has been a role model of many painters simply because his paintings are original and deploy clear information about the message he puts down, (Arasse, 2007).

Leonardo Da Vinci growth in the industry of painting was motivated by the fact that he had access to so many materials related to painting from friends. The environment under which he was brought up enabled him to develop his talent and skills simply because he ones work at Andrea Del Verrochio which was one of the best workshops. His passion towards becoming a great painter also contributed largely in his success and also the family support especially his father, (Sherwin, 2000).

Creating the last supper

The creation of last supper took Leonardo Da Vinci about three years. Currently the structure remains the art of all times simply because it has the intended meaning towards the group. In the year 1495, through Ludovico il Moro orders Leonardo Da Vinci was required to do some paintings about the last supper which included all its components. He was required to develop a painting that consisted Christ and his followers taking the last supper. The last supper painting structure was developed in a dinning hall which as near the church. Since Leonardo Da Vinci was required to develop a portrait relating to the last supper, he chose the time when Jesus was sharing that message of his traitor. This was a very creative idea simply because, it was only this time when all the disciples were together in a same sitting, (Nicholl, 2005).

Leonardo Da Vinci used his brush paints to reveal the entire characteristics of all the disciples. He grouped Christ disciples into three groups in relation to their behaviors and activities they liked to do when they were not with Jesus. He placed Jesus in the center with his disciples surrounding Him. The aspect of Jesus opening his hands and creating a triangle like shape was to show the trinity aspect. Leonardo Da Vinci was such creative to develop a painting which had different message in a single painting. Most of his work uses shapes to pass message similarly to the last suppers painting. Judas painting was placed in a position that revealed that he was such a deceiver and that is the main reason as to why he was always separate with other disciples. The last suppers painting is among the holy paintings that are owned and kept by Christians and even in some institutions which believe in Christ, (Kenneth, 1994).

Characteristics of the painting

Leonardo Da Vinci chooses the picture of the group just before Jesus was to depart his followers. This selection was the best simply because Jesus wanted to pass the message of betrayal which was to pass fear if could be told when all were not together. The painting shows how disciples had a strong foundation and relationship and that is why they had to take the supper together. Although having received the message of betray disciples were shock, their togetherness played a major role simply because they were directed on what to do and consequently expect after three days. Judas being painted sitting on the other side of the table brings out the clear message of how he was not participating with others in full, (Leo, 2001).

The last supper painting is commonly used by the Catholics and other Christians as a way of showing their faith. It characterizes the importance of the sacrament of the holy Eucharist which is commonly taken by the Roman Catholics. This painting shows the actual emotions that resulted from the fact that Jesus said that among them there would be one who will betray him. Although the biggest group in the painting is together, they get fear when they discovered that Judas was the one to betray Jesus. This painting tries to reveal onto Christians that there is something known as the secret knowledge. Judas knows well that he will betray Jesus and without fear, he shares the meal with other disciples and he fears nothing. Christians get to know in life there is secret knowledge which stays just within us, (Jennifer, 2009).

The last supper painting clearly shows the exact emotions of disciples. The way they make their moves and also their gestures talks more about their feelings towards Jesus and after they heard that Jesus was going to leave them and among them there was one to betray Him.


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