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Lab work help. Due 24 hours

Attached find labwork manual. Fill it respectively. Among the plants to be tested are: Arrowhead, Coleus, Devil’s Ivy, Dieffenbachia, English Ivy, Geranium, Rubber Plant, Weeping Fig and Zebra Plant. No plagiarism and I need quality work. Due 24 hours. Follow instructions provided in the manual.



A+ Answers

  1. During early childhood, gender-stereotyped beliefs

    A. first emerge.

    B. strengthen.

    C. weaken.

    D. disappear.

    2. Gender-schematic thinking is so powerful that when children see others behaving in gender-inconsistent ways, they

    A. become more pronounced in their gender segregation as well as gender-role conformity.

    B. experience a crisis of gender labeling that disrupts peer interactions.

    C. object and tell that person not to behave in such a way.

Kinesiology assignment~

Read the informations first, then follow all the guidelines and answer all the questions.


I need  1 pages (400-500 words) for this assignments; maybe have to 3 – 4 paragraphs!


Do not plagiarize and no references for this assignment at this time!



You can use your own knowledge and creativity thinking!


If you have any question please just let me know and feel free to ask~


Due in 9hrs



The American Psychiatric Association estimates that the majority of people with anorexia

Q Weight Control and Nutritional Needs

1.   The American Psychiatric Association estimates that the majority of people with anorexia nervosa are

A. young boys or men.

B. male athletes.

C. young girls or women.

D. elderly women.

2.   When oxygen is scarce, cellular pyruvic acid is converted to


B. glucose.

C. fatty acids.

D. lactic acid.

3.   Which athlete would be least likely to develop iron-deficiency anemia?


See attached.



bio4 tet

Question 1


What is biological evolution?


the development of traits that organisms need in order to become more complex


gene changes in populations over many generations


the change that occurs in individuals as they try to survive in their environment


the steps by which the first life was created on earth from random molecules




Question 2



is it wise for doctors to over-prescribe antibiotics? Do you think we have the possibility of creating a “superbug” that we cannot treat?


Biology Angiosperms

Biology  Angiosperms

MHA 6501 Unit III Article Review and MHA/6501 Unit III Discussion Board