IT & project management

IT & project management
Goal: To prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that outlines, analyzes, and discusses the assigned business and its website. Consider that your audience is a group of executives who are concerned about designing and leading a project to build a website for their respective companies. Articulate concepts that others can use in the design of their ecommerce applications and websites.

Step 1. Choose a website from the following list of websites:

Step 2. Evaluate the website by creating a Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck.
Use the headings provided (like “Website Structure and Design,” “Website Design Specifies,” and “Website Style and Navigation”) if you want to receive the maximum credit for the assignment. Create the following 5 slides:

Slide 1: Title page

Name of the organization and type of business
The URL of the website (example:
Your name
The company’s logo

Slide 2: Website Structure and Design

Structure (For example: Do the pages or tabs make sense?)
Content (Is the content complete? Is it understandable?)

Slide 3: Website Design Specifics

Text (Are fonts used appropriately?)
Graphics (Are the graphics appropriate?)

Slide 4: Website Style and Navigation

Presentation style (Who is the intended audience?)
Navigation (Can the user get to the information they need easily?)
Promotion (How well is this website advertised on other sites? Does this website appear in Google searches?)

Slide 5: Recommendations for Improving the (Insert Name of Company here) Website

What three specific recommendations do you have to improve the design of their website?
The PowerPoint should have exactly five (5) slides of content without counting the top page and the references
Have speaker notes too.