Interpreting Geovisualizations

Assignment “Interpreting Geovisualizations”


Based on the required readings, lecture materials, scenario, and video for Week 3, you will turn in a word processing document with the following elements:


1. A cover sheet.


2. An abstract stating:


a. The problem your paper seeks to address (1-2 sentences),


b. What method you used to address the problem (1-2 sentences),


c. And what results your efforts achieved (1-2 sentences).


3. No less than 4 full pages of written text interpreting the results of the average nearest neighbor test, including a discussion of the p-values, AND interpreting the results of the kernel density analysis This section must include:


a. An introduction (no less than 5 sentences),


b. An explicit thesis statement (“This paper does this, this, and this.”),


c. The results of your research addressing the two required topics properly citing all sources using APA formatting,


d. And a conclusion answering the question, “So what?” about the rest of your paper (no less than 5 sentences).