Institute of Terrestrial Ecology

Institute of terrestrial ecology deals with research that are related to biogeochemistry, terrestrial system ecology, research on soil physics, how soil can be protected, the idea of biological aspect of soil and how structure of soil. The organization has more than 85 top individuals who work towards realization of organization goals. All the researches done by the organization are geared towards developing knowledge of terrestrial ecology. The main work of the organization is to make investigations on different field of soil whereby results are then evaluated and findings are made for further research. One research results tends to be a work plan of another research. In Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, research is a continuous process where individuals keep on doing researches, (Eldis, 2011).

In research related to soil, soil research is done to determine its transport aspects. Things such as energy cycles and problems that are related to bioremediation help in the research of terrestrial ecology. During the investigation, the organization enters into a process of determining the contamination level of the soil which acts as one of the step or stages that help during the research period. The work of the organization is to emphasize all issues that are recorded during the research process. How are gene probes investigated in revealing information and results towards research completion? This is the work of the organization. The whole idea in research done by the organization is to know the exact findings. This organization works smart such that, all the problems that they think might result in the entire process are evaluated and dealt with. In the course of their research, there are specialized individuals who works together towards making their research complete, (ETH, 2011).

ITO one of the state research institutes, institute of terrestrial ecology acts as one of the national research organization. The organization helps the state with different research methods. The programs of the organization are geared and directed towards realizing the states environment in respect terrestrial ecology. With the help of the state, ITO has some network of qualified individuals who monitors how the organization programs are operated. There are several stations that have been put in place so as to ensure that programs are linked thus providing sufficient and valid results towards the whole process of the research. One of the centers that the organization works with is environmental information center (EIC). The main aim of such a center is to ensure that technology has been modified and implemented in the entire research work.

Data handling and ways of evaluating results are aimed to be ease with implementation of information technology. It’s with information technology information are rated, evaluated and modified for better results. Use of IT enables the organization has link on the programs, (ETH, 2011).

Institute of terrestrial ecology has five groups that work together in ensuring that researches have been completed. The five groups are soil biology, terrestrial systems ecology, soil chemistry, soil protection group and soil physics group. In institute of terrestrial ecology, there are two main atlases where the progress of the organization work is recorded. There are the main atlases which provide commercial information and there is the provisional atlas which indicates how the organization has progressed for years, (Eldis, 2011).


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