Informatics Quality improvement and patient safety

**Assignment: Watch the SAFER GUIDE video on the home page; complete one of the SAFER Guides in the pdf format; and discuss what you learned. I’m also uploading the written version of the video. (Our chapter is on Informatics Quality improvement and patient safety)
- I did completed and uploaded the safer guide on “Clinician Communication” please take a look.

Informatics Quality improvement and patient safety
1. Start the assignment by talking about the “Safer Guides” (evidence-based recommended practices) will be uploading the website and articles (See the one uploaded, I already completed). What is it? Useful for? How it aids in quality improvement in the clinical arena? It’s composed of self-assesment checklist, helps to identify places where EHR is vulnerable, reveal issues, help to prioritize and decide what to do first, provides evidence-based recommended practices for organization self-assessment. Blahblah… see website and articles
2. Then answer what this student learned by completing this safer guide on “Clinician communication” (See uploaded document with my answers.
I work in a small family practice where HER implementation was several months ago. The system still is pretty new to us…
-we use eClinicalWorks, as per my answers the system has the messaging systems for providers to communicate, but we don’t use it that much. Physician and other heal care providers’ electronic health information exchange with other providers is limited.

Informatics Quality improvement and patient safety
- Slightly state my results
- This activity helped me to identify that quality improvement is needed on this area at the clinical practice this writer works, generate more information based on self-assesment form…. blahblahblah….. Then talk about how crucial is communication among health care providers in order to reduce medical errors, provide appropriate follow-up, and improvement in clinical decision-making. “Inadequate patient care or poor patient outcomes are due to lack of efficient and effective communication”
And conclude on a summary about the “Safer Guides”
See articles uploaded.
** Type of setting I work: I work in primary care, in a family practice treating the whole family (children and adults). I treat acute and chronic health conditions (Diabetes, HTN, etc...). we recently implemented the use of EHRs.
** PLEASE try to USE MY REFERENCES, I’m attaching all the articles. You can use another reference if you want, but remember MUST be scholarly journal articles (Not from conferences, other text books online, goggle, .com). Thank you and let me know if you have any questions