Individual observation Assignment

Individual observation Assignment. Paper needs to be written in perspective of being at this facility and observing how they in corporate these mission and values into daily interactions and practise. And what they do when they find you didnt follow these values. Such as verbal warning write up and handing a copy of core values and mission to the employee and remind them of the culture in va medical center dallas tx. Most staff seem to have a voice and certain degree of autonomy than seen in other facilities. I interviewed the nurse manager of 5th floor telemetry Shirleen Smith so this needs to be from observation perspective and from what has been said and learned from her. I did not officially go or intereview her in real so it needs to seem as i did. The link above provides the info. For va hospital needed to complete paper along with evidence-based research articles to support maximum 3 or 4 articles 3 pages in length no abstract.pages Not counting title or reference page.

The University of Texas at El Paso
School of Nursing

N-5300 Organizational Theory and Culture

Individual Observation Experience Guidelines
Each student will arrange to conduct an 8 hour observation experience with an executive (CEO, Senior Administration level) in a health care organization (other than the one in which the student is employed) that employs at least 25 full time employees. The purpose is to assess the organization’s culture. Time will be spent with the Executive and other parts of the organization to examine the relationship of the executive’s description of the organization’s vision, mission, purpose and general view of administering employee relations with those observed and found at the operational level of the organization. The executive needs to be fully aware of the purpose of the learning experience and provide approval to venture into the organization. The executive shadowed in this assignment is entitled to a copy of your findings and to be assured that the materials and findings you generate are confidential and will not be shared beyond the bounds of this course. The only persons who will see these materials will be the student, the executive, and the faculty member. A signed permission agreement (see preceptor agreement on the course content page) must be completed and submitted to the course instructor prior to the occurrence of the observational experience.
NOTE: The second paragraph of the preceptor agreement does not apply to this experience. Please do not contact anyone at UTEP other than the course faculty regarding this assignment.
The student will then prepare a 3-5 page paper (exclusive of the title page and reference list) which documents his or her
• Understanding of the organization’s vision, mission, and purpose (65 points)
• Direct observations of individual and organizational behaviors which exemplify the organizational culture (65 points)
• APA format, to include a title page and reference list (20 points

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