Implement a Community Health and Population-Focused Health Promotion Activity



NUR 409



Purpose: Implement a Community Health and Population-Focused Health Promotion Activity

  1. Each student will use a community assessment model, e.g. Community as Partner, to do an

abbreviated community assessment, which must include data collection and a windshield survey,

of their own community.  Due week 3

  1. The student will analyze data looking for trends showing strengths, weaknesses, and conditions
  2. The student develops one or two community health problems which identify a particular aggregate at-need or at-risk. Due week 5
  3. The student will then collaborate with a community agency to plan and implement a health promotion project to address the problems and needs of the aggregate. ( this can be a church, educational facility, community center, or community group in your community Due week 7
  4. The student will create or gather materials for the project. Due week 8
  5. The student in collaboration with the community agency will implement the Health Promotion Activity. Weeks 10-13th
  6. The student must include in the project a scheme for how the plan will be evaluated Due week 10
  7. The student will conduct the evaluation  Due week 14th


This is your clinical requirement  that has been approved by our department and have been accepted by the accrediting body as a clinical experience. Everyone must participate or you will not receive credit for this course


         The entire process requires study and interpretation of Community Health course content; specific attention to review the evidence, and study of the identified aggregate; integration of knowledge and creativity in developing content and delivery of health promotion materials to the aggregate; inter-professional communication with the community agency; problem-based learning, problem solving, decision making, leadership skills, critical thinking, and policy development.

You must record in your journal on a weekly basis your progress in this clinical experience. This includes any literature search and or contacts made.