How to write nursing reflections on ethical decision making

How to write nursing reflections on ethical decision making

Week 5 Reflection

Ethical decision-making is a way of thinking about issues of right and wrong during care delivery. The healthcare provider must be aware of ethical principles like beneficence, non-maleficence, justice, and autonomy that guide care delivery for them to effectively make judgments (Nibbelink & Brewer, 2018). In this week, the goal was to apply an ethical decision-making process in professional practice and analysis of systems of healthcare. To meet this program goal, the first action was to identify the problem and the parties involved. For example, I ensured to check facts and identify relevant factors that contributed to the healthcare problem. Secondly, I consulted resources to seek assistance in making the right decision. For example, I engaged my supervisor to gain clarity on the issue and the most appropriate way to make decisions. What I realized is that as a nurse, it is inherent that accountability for all aspects of care aligns with responsible decision-making.

Week 6 Reflection

As healthcare organizations continue to evolve to meet the demand for high-quality patient care, leadership is an important aspect that can encourage teams to work toward the greater good. In this week, the goal was to model a professional leadership role that fosters the improvement of healthcare. To achieve this learning goal, I was involved in developing innovative methods to provide better patient care. For example, I engaged in research to determine the most appropriate way to address issues with diabetes management among older adults. I observed that over-reliance on the traditional methods of practice did not demonstrate significant improvement in patient care. Another method that I used to achieve this goal was employing the transformational leadership approach to manage the project. For example, I ensured to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of my colleagues to improve understanding among ourselves. I realized that good leadership can encourage teams to work together instead of considering self-serving interests.

Week 7 Reflection

Healthcare providers use informatics to improve service delivery to patients. For nurses, the acquisition, storage, and retrieval of information ensure good care delivery by having reference points for quick decision-making. During this week, the learning goal was to employ informatics and technology in various aspects of advanced nursing leadership roles. The first action that demonstrated the achievement of this goal was the use of computer systems to determine the current care of patients and gaps that can be addressed. For example, I observed that the care for diabetes patients was mainly based on tight glycemic control. Advanced nurse leaders are in a position to use clinical data to make decisions that can impact patient care. I utilized technology during my research to determine strategies that can be used to better improve different aspects of the identified challenge. For example, through online research, I observed that moderate intensity exercises and resistance training can best serve to improve diabetes care among older adults.


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