How to write nursing discussion questions for a Quality Improvement initiative for an advanced nursing practitioner (APN)

How to write nursing discussion questions for a Quality Improvement initiative for an advanced nursing practitioner (APN)

  1. As a novice APN, provide an example of a Quality Improvement initiative that you envision yourself spearheading or in which you would participate.

Quality improvement is an essential factor for nurse practitioners. Quality improvement ensures the deliverance of care related to the positive outcome of care. Quality improvement is associated with improved patient outcomes, improved efficiency among the health care staff and less waste due to process failures. Adopting a favorable quality improvement enables healthcare workers to attribute positive healthcare outcomes.

As a novice advanced practicing nurse, plan–do–study–the act is one of the quality improvement initiatives I envisioned during my clinical practice. To articulate evidence-based practice adoption of PDSA in the current will significantly lead to positive change while delivering care (Christoff, 2018). Plan- entails ensuring one utilizes knowledge to maximize strengths. To plan ensures all resources and inputs are available for the best outcome to be evident. Working as a team with each knowing their roles, stating goals to achieve, gathering more and describing the problem at hand to work on. Once the problem is identified, and enough data is gathered, one should thus implement an action plan. The do helps to institute an action to the problem identified. For example, if one realizes the patient is not progressing, one should collect data and analyze the problem in which one should implement an action for change of medical therapy (Leis  & Shojania, 2017).

Studying the action enables one to determine how worth the action contributed to change. The action instituted should bring a change. Studying the process helps to determine if there are any unintended side effects. The final step is the act which involves reflecting on the plan and the outcome. PDSA quality improvement tool s a cyclic model that ensures in the long run; there must be positive outcomes for the patient regardless of several processes. The act enables a practising nurse t either celebrate a positive outcome or start again until the achievement of a goal. Finally, PDSA helps to communicate, preserve and sustain achievements.


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