How to write an original essay addressing the current Issues in Health Policy (Solved)

How to write an original essay addressing the current Issues in Health Policy (Solved)

As a profession, nursing has a long history of working with professional and non-professional organizations, especially on matters of advocacy. It is important today that professional nursing organizations work to strengthen their political involvement to enforce structural and policy changes (Costa-Font et al., 2020). Working with non-nursing organizations can be advantageous in ensuring nurses have the required power for political involvement.

Nurses must work with non-nursing groups toward improving their practice and general welfare. These organizations can help to fight for fair employment of nurses and improvement of their working conditions (Chiu et al., 2021). For example, non-nursing organizations that focus on the sector of labor can help to represent their interests in congress. These organizations have experience in matters of policy and advocacy that can help inexperienced nurses to fight for their rights.

The second advantage of working with non-nursing interest groups is their power and influence in matters of policy advocacy. Members and experts from these special groups can help to strengthen the nurses’ involvement in matters of policy change (International Society of geriatric Oncology, 2021). For instance, many special groups advocate for the removal of barriers to the full practice of advanced practice nurses. Those groups that represent the interests of the locals also help to improve the relationship between professional nursing organizations and the local population.

Working with special interest groups also provides nurses with a platform to exchange knowledge and improve their practice. These groups can help professional nursing organizations to organize webinars to share research, education, and initiatives to improve care delivery (International Society of geriatric Oncology, 2021). Through group projects, nursing organizations get to be represented on many platforms that promote their voice in matters of national importance. In addition to these projects, these groups can help the nursing organization to make business agreements that can better the quality of care provided to patients. For example, these organizations provide platforms to engage with companies that provide literature searches and published journal articles that can improve their voice to the public.

Special interest groups try to get Congress to pass legislation in favor of their goals in many ways. Firstly, these groups use the lobbying approach, either directly or indirectly to get the attention of policymakers (Huwyler & Martin, 2022). Today, lobbying is done by professionals who hold positions within interest groups and some of them have direct links with government officials. Through organizing private meetings, consulting on legislation drafts, and providing political information these individuals improve the political involvement of special groups.

Interest groups may try to sway the views of legislators by directly being involved in the voting process or publicizing their voting records. These groups obtain records of the legislator’s involvement in matters of policy and use them to leverage their involvement in policy change (Huwyler & Martin, 2022). The interest groups can also make information about legislators available to the people and this can influence re-election into office. The involvement of the interest groups in matters of voting helps to streamline the activities of the legislator and they are easily heard when they need their interests to be represented.

Interest groups can sway the views of legislators by forming coalitions with other groups concerned with the same legislation. Forming coalitions makes it seem like larger public interests are at stake and this makes legislators favor the special groups (Costa-Font et al., 2020). Coalitions help interest groups to share expenses and multiply the efforts of individual groups by combining their efforts. Lastly, interest groups can sway the views of legislators by directly getting involved in campaigns. The groups can donate money, provide volunteer work, or give an endorsement. Later these groups can ask for favors after helping the legislators win their political positions.


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