How to write an essay on the roles of advanced nurse practice (Solved)

How to write an essay on the roles of advanced nurse practice (Solved)

Introduction: Advance practise registered nurses have vast knowledge and skills in nursing; after obtaining advanced training and certification in nursing, they are often master’s and doctorate holders (Vega, 2022). Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who can work independently or collaborate with other healthcare providers. A primary care nurse practitioner acts as the patient’s main care provider and can assess a patient’s health, offer preventive care, and manage general conditions independently or collaborate with physicians.

Role similarities of primary care nurse practitioner and advanced practising nurse

Both primary care nurse practitioners and advanced practising nurses have an increased scope of practice than registered nurses. They can provide care and manage conditions independently or collaborate with other healthcare providers (Quan, 2022). However, advanced practice registered nurses’ practices vary depending on the speciality-trained, i.e., theatre nursing, oncology nursing etc.

Primary care nurse practitioners and advanced practising  nurses can prescribe and administer medications but are controlled by relevant bodies (Quan, 2022). For instance, nurse practitioners are being governed by the board of nursing and agencies of nurse practitioners. For advanced nursing practice nurses, prescriptive authority is determined by their registered state and area of specialization.

Role difference between a primary care nurse practitioner and an advanced practising nurse

The major role difference between the primary care nurse practitioner and advanced practising nursing nurse is the difference in the level of speciality. The roles of a primary care nurse practitioner are more specialized roles of advanced practice registered nurses (Quan, 2022). Also, the advanced practice nurse has the broadest scope of practice compared to primary care nurse practitioners. They can order more diagnostic tests, for example, blood work, CT-scan, and MRIs, unlike the primary care nurse practitioners.

Thirdly, the primary care nurse practitioners can offer services to remote areas experiencing shortage of physicians at homes and schools, unlike advanced nursing nurse practitioners who mainly provide services in their area of specialization, either in public or private health institutions (Quan, 2022).

Role communication to health providers and consumers

Role conflict can be a significant barrier in providing care. Also, it can cause confusion and negatively affect the quality of care and patient outcomes. There is a need for appropriate role communication between health providers and consumers. I will use continued medical education (CME) to develop knowledge on the roles of health workers and how they can work independently or collaboratively as per their scope of practice (NIH, 2022). Also, I will use the health institution portal to create awareness on the roles and scope of practice for each profession to guide the general public and health professionals.


Advanced nursing practice nurses have undergone extensive training and certification. The primary nurse practitioner is an advanced practising nurse whose main function is to provide primary care, including diagnosing and treating general conditions. The main difference between the advanced practising nursing nurses and the nurse practitioners is the level of speciality. Advanced practising nursing nurses are more specialized than primary nurse practitioners. Finally, there is a need for role communication in the health care system to avoid conflicts and confusion for better quality care and patient outcomes.


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