How to write an essay on Suture Skills Course – Learn Best Suture Techniques (Solved)

How to write an essay on Suture Skills Course – Learn Best Suture Techniques (Solved)

Acquiring basic surgical skills is a vital element of medical professional development that enhances the safety and confidence of the practitioner in the clinical environment. Proficiency in suturing techniques requires regular practice. This video illustrates nine common suture techniques, demonstrating how each is achieved.

In the video, Zenn begins by demonstrating the instrument tie technique, which applies to all sutures. The first suture is a simple interrupted suture that is commonly used for wound closure. Here, the surgeon enters the skin at ninety degrees on both sides. The second one is a simple buried suture that applies to deeper tissues underneath the skin and takes tension off the skin. The third technique is vertical mattress suture which is used when wounds are difficult to close due to swelling. It is easier to recall as the ‘far-far’ ‘near-near’ technique. The fourth technique is horizontal mattress suture which has three variations: the two simple sutures, figure-of-8 suture for deeper fascial closures, and half-buried suture used in plastic surgery to conceal suture holes. The fifth technique is a simple running suture applied to close incisions. The sixth one is a simple running locking suture, a variant of a simple running suture. It is convenient when one doesn’t have an assistant to hold the suture for them or in highly tense moments. The last one is the subcuticular running suture used in most cosmetic surgeries. The suture runs along the inner dermis; thus, no suture holes are visible upon recovery (Zenn, 2013).

Watching the video piqued my interest in the subcuticular running suture, which seemed challenging. However, I will improve my skills with regular practice. Additionally, this suture technique should not be limited to cosmetic surgeries since every surgery interferes with body image. Therefore, healthcare professionals should use this technique more frequently in their surgeries as it is associated with minimal body image impairment.


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