How to write an essay on Healthcare Systems and Quality Outcomes (Solved)

How to write an essay on Healthcare Systems and Quality Outcomes (Solved)

Quality improvement is an essential factor across the whole health sector in the world. It stipulates that services provided within health facilities correspond to positive outcomes. Quality improvement ensures that patient services are safe, effective, patient-oriented, timely, efficient and equitable. Safety in services ensures that patients are exposed to no harm. The services provided should be based on scientific knowledge for all who receive care from healthcare sector institutions. A high-quality improvement model relates to positive outcomes. The quality models involve the multidisciplinary team planning for activities, doing the actions, studying for actions and acting on the activities to provide positive health outcomes. Quality improvement ranges from structural, process, and outcome measures (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2018). The process measures ensure that the interventions exercised in healthcare align with the domains of quality improvement such as safe, timely, effective and efficient. Process, for example, includes timely medication administration to clients and addressing the social, psychological and physiological aspects of health. However, process actions uphold in improving health care outcomes.

The structural measures give the healthcare sector the opportunity for providers to exercise high-quality care. Structural measures include having excellent building structures to support the provision of services, the ratio of providers to patients and the percentage of people receiving preventive such as immunizations schedule. Outcome measures communicate the interventions of healthcare services on a patient’s health status (Institute for Healthcare Improvement. (n.d.a). A chance where patients recover from illness and increases in discharges of patients in the healthcare indicate quality improvement. Not all actions lead o quality improvement; rather, strategies that lead to change are incorporated to correct deviations in quality improvement.

My actions as a nurse practitioner have greatly reflected a high-quality improvement in my clinical experiences. Initially, as a medical school student, what I saw happening in the clinical areas did not encourage me to continue in the same state. I strived to ensure my services to my client’s demonstrated positive outcomes. I always rejoiced whenever my clients recovered from illness. Creating interpersonal relationships with my patients enhanced mine in defining and addressing the deeper concerns of what patiently holds that had control over their health. I always ensured m client received their service s a timely basis. For instance, I always ensured my client received their medications without delay.

I have had all the opportunities to cover the full range of my client’s needs to ensure they receive safe, effective, patient-centred and timely services in an effective, efficient, and equitable. I always channelled the deeper concerns of patients of the patient to the relevant health authorities. It is factual that addressing their deeper concerns positively impacted the outcome of the patient’s health. Addressing the needs of the patients holistically has contributed to quality improvement actions. I am privileged and confident that my collaboration with the health care team has impacted the health of my clients.

The domains that were effective as a clinical practitioner that was not directly indicated in my quality improvement are the services were not efficient and equitable to all patients. Some of the equipment I used in providing care were missing; for others, I had to use more resources to ensure each person received quality care. Timely deliverance of services is sometimes delayed due to the structural processes such as failure machines used in enhancing quality. However, I always hastily channelled any problem to the relevant bodies, structural or process measures. I am confident that utilization of the domains of quality improvement significantly contributes to positive health care.


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