How to write an essay on being an effective nursing educator

How to write an essay on being an effective nursing educator

Being an effective educator requires staying abreast of the scholarship of teaching and learning in your field. What aspects of teaching and learning in your field interest you most?

A teacher’s ability to facilitate learning experiences that are meaningful to students is dependent on the teacher’s ability to enjoy their work. For teaching to be effective, good communication should exist between the teacher and the student. The thing I like most about teaching is the two-way communication that exists between the learner and the teacher. During teaching, I like receiving feedback from the students so that I can improve my teaching and incorporate new strategies. The quality of instruction is what I value most and receiving feedback helps me to adjust the learning objectives and include additional materials to improve student understanding. Another aspect of teaching and learning that interests me is the assessment of student performance. Both formative and summative assessments provide adequate feedback on the effectiveness of teaching and learning resources used. I am able to gauge my knowledge and skills based on the student’s performance and it gives me the challenge to learn more about how to best educate my students.

What plans do you have for participating in scholarly activities to enhance your nurse educator role based on Boyer’s model of scholarship?

Boyer’s model advocates for the expansion of the traditional definition of scholarship into four types of scholarship that include discovery, application, integration, and teaching (Urban, 2017). I intend to focus on the scholarship of teaching and discovery by analyzing current trends in nursing education and asking more questions on how to improve learning. I plan to gather evidence through research on problems like faculty shortage and draw conclusions based on the evidence. I also intend to make these findings public for the benefit of others and include external stakeholders in proposing solutions to key findings. Apart from these areas, I intend to participate in committees and professional associations to make important decisions about the future of nursing education.


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