How to Write Abortion Argumentative Essays

How to Write Abortion Argumentative Essays

Abortion is a highly contested topic among many communities around the globe. Abortion is the surgical termination of a pregnancy before the embryo is viable outside the womb. Even in countries where this kind of medical procedure is legal, it is a hotly debated topic due to the moral underpinnings of the issue. Throughout your nursing academic journey, you might be required to complete an argumentative abortion essay. How to Write Abortion Argumentative Essays:

Continue reading through this article to get more insights on how to write argumentative abortion essays. Let’s begin by first expounding on what an argumentative essay entails.

What is the definition of an abortion argumentative essay?

First and foremost, it is always important to remember that the medical essence of your topic necessitates extra caution and focus during your research and presentation. Carefully analyze the discussion topic to gain access to the necessary concept or terminology. Remember that many people have strong feelings about your abortion argumentative essay topics, so choose your words carefully.

Like any other type of essay, an abortion essay follows a basic format. The abortion argumentative essay introduction is where you set the tone for your paper. In this section, you must introduce some of the most important terminologies to familiarise your readers with your discussion topics. You provide context for the topic, explain the relevance of your work, and conclude with a thesis. You should always include your opinion when writing an abortion argumentative essay thesis.

Your college research paper’s main body is where you make your case for or against abortion. In other words, for every set of related assertions, you’ll need to write two paragraphs. All your thoughts and concepts are included in this section. Last but not least, wrap up your essay with a strong conclusion. You should restate your main points in this section without adding anything new. Share your opinion on the topic of your argumentative essay on abortion.

Credible abortion essay examples to use

Use the illustrations below to back up your claims of expertise. It is always essential to remember that they are not meant to be an outline for your argumentative essay on abortion but rather guidelines for developing your original thesis statement. Create a masterpiece using only the materials at your disposal.

  1. A number of potential complications are associated with getting an abortion, including heavy bleeding, cervix and uterine damage, and even infertility.
  2. An abortion is considered a traumatic experience that impacts the mother’s mind and body; it can cause her to feel hopeless and even consider committing suicide.
  3. Many couples struggling to conceive still hope to start a family someday. As an alternative to having her pregnancy terminated, a woman may be able to place her unborn child for adoption.
  4. A woman can have an abortion to avoid having an unplanned child due to her irresponsible use of contraception.
  5. Abortion is a painful procedure for the fetus. Even though no doctor can say for sure, it is generally accepted that a late-term aborted baby puts the mother in a lot of pain.
  6. Human rights apply to an unborn child from conception onward. If harming an expecting mother or killing a child is wrong, then why is it okay to end a baby’s life that is growing inside the mother?
  7. Most religions clarify abortion as a sin, but this argument doesn’t hold water when presented to an atheist.
  8. Feminist values are undermined by abortion.
  9. Males use abortion as an excuse to avoid taking care of their families.
  10. Most women who have an abortion end up feeling guilty about it for the rest of their lives.
  11. In your opinion, should grandparents approve of having an abortion?
  12. Should there be circumstances under which a woman’s only option is to have an abortion?
  13. Should there be a limit on the total number of abortions a woman can have?
  14. Abortion clinics are made more easily accessible and eventually legalized because of the potential danger of unwanted pregnancies to the physiological and psychological medical agencies.
  15. Teenagers who want to terminate a pregnancy must have consent from a parent or legal guardian due to the severe medical and psychological implications of doing so.
  16. It is important for women to feel comfortable talking about their bodies.
  17. When another human life is at stake, a woman should not have the right to choose what happens to her body.
  18. Legalizing abortion would be a morally questionable move by the government.
  19. Back alley abortions would be performed on millions of women if abortion were illegal, leading to thousands more deaths annually.
  20. Most unplanned pregnancies result in healthy, happy, and loved children.
  21. Humans and exclusivity are two separate things. Human conception is the source of the concept of human life. Fertilized eggs for in vitro fertilization are also human life, but non-implanting eggs are discarded after the process. Would you consider that a form of murder, and if not, how is abortion not murder?
  22. The abortion debate continues to have impacts on modern culture. The majority of people believe that abortion is always wrong. Some believe a woman should have the right to choose abortion in certain circumstances, such as when her life is in danger due to a medical condition or when she has been the victim of rape or incest. Abortion is an immoral act.
  23. Abortion is controversial, but in cases where incest is evident, or the mother’s life is in danger, it may be justified.
  24. Abortion results in the deaths of thousands of people every year, and it has cost the world a valuable amount because of the lost potential of people who could have helped advance humanity’s cause in various ways, such as teachers, artists, and scientists.
  25. The abortion debate demonstrates the futility of human life.
  26. In families with sex-related or genetically linked illnesses that have led to a severe gender imbalance in a given area, abortion is a viable solution for regulating preferable gender selection.
  27. The world’s population is already too high; adding more by having children who aren’t wanted only makes things worse.
  28. The mother may be too young or mentally impaired to provide adequately for her unborn child, and if they are impoverished, the child will likely go without the necessities of life and a good education.
  29. If there is consensus on the moral and legal status of abortion, then the debate must be revisited without reference to religious beliefs. For instance, do pro-lifers oppose therapeutic abortions?
  30. There should be exceptions to abortion law in cases of incest or rape, but the moral argument against abortion cannot be based on how the fetus was conceived.

Abortion Argumentative Essay Outline

The following is an example of a possible outline for an argumentative essay supporting abortion rights:

Abortion argumentative essay introduction

  • The legality of terminating a pregnancy.
  • A consideration of the social context.
  • Is it fair for society’s disapproval to shatter not only the lives of women but also those of their families and any unwanted pregnancies?

Main body

  • Paragraph 1. Justification for having abortions (two, three, or more).
  • Paragraph 2: Pregnancy and its termination: a case against abortion (same as in the previous paragraph).

Conclusion for abortion argumentative essay

  • A broad inference that affirms the introduction’s thesis.
  • The presentation of an individual’s perspective on a challenge.

Also, looking for a free argumentative essay on abortion may be very useful. This will allow you to see the essay in its entirety.

Opinions related to abortion argumentative essay topics

Here are some examples of arguments in favor of legalizing abortion. Feel free to use the arguments below to support your original topics when writing your essay.

  • Everyone has an inherent, unalienable right to do whatever they want with their own body.
  • Choosing whether or not to have children is an essential part of a woman’s autonomy.
  • Some researchers argue that a fetus only becomes a person after birth and can survive outside the womb.
  • When an abortion is performed, most neuroscientists believe that the fetus does not feel pain.
  • Abortions performed by trained medical professionals are safer for women than those performed in the dark.
  • Abortions carried out using today’s techniques do not result in long-term health issues like infertility.
  • You can avoid having a child who is abnormal by having an abortion.
  • If a woman cannot have an abortion, she may lose her job, fall into poverty, or be a victim of domestic violence.
  • No one has the right to force a child into this world.
  • One way to limit the human population is through the practice of abortion.

Final remarks

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