How to Write Abortion Argumentative Essays

How to Write Abortion Argumentative Essays

The topic of abortion is a highly contentious issue that sparks intense debates worldwide. It involves the surgical termination of a pregnancy before the embryo can survive outside the womb. Even in countries where abortion is legal, the moral implications surrounding the practice fuel heated discussions. As a nursing student, you may be tasked with writing an argumentative essay on abortion. Here’s a guide on how to approach this task:

Understanding Abortion Argumentative Essays

Before delving into the specifics of crafting an abortion argumentative essay, it’s crucial to exercise extra caution and focus when dealing with such a sensitive medical topic. Thoroughly analyze the discussion topic to gain a clear understanding of the essential concepts and terminologies. Keep in mind that abortion is a topic that evokes strong emotions in many people, so choose your words thoughtfully.

The Basic Format of an Abortion Argumentative Essay

An abortion essay follows a standard essay format. The introduction sets the tone for your paper, introducing critical terminologies to familiarize readers with the topic. It provides context and relevance for your work, culminating in a thesis statement that represents your standpoint on abortion. The thesis should be explicit in an abortion argumentative essay, reflecting your opinion on the topic.

The main body of your essay presents arguments for or against abortion. For each set of related assertions, you’ll need to write two paragraphs, articulating your thoughts and concepts on the matter. Finally, your essay should conclude with a robust closing section. Here, you restate your main points without introducing new information and reaffirm your opinion on the abortion argumentative essay topic.

Using Credible Abortion Essay Examples

To support your claims and demonstrate your expertise, you can use the following examples. Remember that these examples serve as guidelines for developing your original thesis statement, not as ready-made outlines for your abortion essay.

1. Several potential complications are associated with abortion, such as heavy bleeding, cervix and uterine damage, and infertility.

2. Abortion can be a traumatic experience that affects a woman’s mental and physical well-being, leading to feelings of hopelessness and even suicidal thoughts.

3. Couples struggling to conceive may choose adoption as an alternative to abortion, allowing them to start a family without terminating the pregnancy.

4. Some women opt for abortion to avoid the consequences of irresponsible contraception use and an unplanned child.

5. The fetus may experience pain during the abortion procedure, leading to debates on the ethics of late-term abortions.

6. The rights of an unborn child are a contentious issue, with some arguing that harming or killing a child in any other circumstance is considered wrong.

7. While most religions condemn abortion as a sin, this argument may not hold water when presented to atheists.

8. Some argue that abortion undermines feminist values.

9. There are concerns that some men may use abortion as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for their families.

10. Many women who undergo abortion may experience lifelong feelings of guilt.

11. The opinion of grandparents on abortion is a topic worth considering.

12. The circumstances under which abortion may be the only option for a woman are subject to debate.

13. There are debates on whether there should be a limit on the total number of abortions a woman can have.

14. Abortion clinics’ accessibility and legalization are influenced by the potential dangers of unwanted pregnancies to physiological and psychological medical agencies.

15. Teenagers seeking abortion may require parental or legal guardian consent due to the significant medical and psychological implications.

16. Encouraging women to feel comfortable discussing their bodies is essential.

17. The debate on abortion centers on the right to choose when another human life is at stake.

18. Legalizing abortion is a morally questionable decision, according to some perspectives.

19. Some argue that illegalizing abortion could lead to back alley abortions and increased fatalities.

20. Many unplanned pregnancies result in healthy and loved children.

21. There are distinctions between humans and exclusivity, as seen in human conception and in vitro fertilization practices.

22. The abortion debate continues to influence modern culture, with varying views on the morality and legality of abortion.

23. Abortion may be justified in cases of incest or when the mother’s life is at risk.

24. Abortion results in the loss of countless potential individuals who could have made valuable contributions to humanity.

25. The abortion debate highlights the complexities of human existence.

26. In cases where gender imbalances exist due to genetically linked illnesses, abortion may be seen as a means of regulating gender selection.

27. Overpopulation is a global concern, and abortion is viewed as one method to address it.

28. A young or mentally impaired mother may be unable to provide adequate care for her unborn child, leading to a life of deprivation.

29. The abortion debate should be revisited without reference to religious beliefs to reach a consensus on the moral and legal status of abortion.

30. Arguments against abortion should acknowledge exceptions in cases of incest or rape, while the core moral argument should remain unchanged.

Abortion Argumentative Essay Outline

To structure your argumentative essay on abortion, you can follow the outline below:


– Introduce the topic of abortion and its legality.
– Provide context for the discussion and its relevance.
– Present your thesis statement reflecting your stance on abortion.

Main Body

– Paragraph 1: Justification for abortion (multiple points).
– Paragraph 2: Arguments against abortion (same as the previous paragraph).


– Recapitulate your thesis statement and main arguments.
– Offer a broad conclusion that affirms your stance on the topic.
– Conclude with your personal perspective on the matter.

Opinions Related to Abortion Argumentative Essay Topics

Below are arguments in favor of legalizing abortion. You can use these arguments to support your original topics when writing your essay.

1. Everyone has an inherent, unalienable right to make decisions about their own body.

2. A woman’s autonomy includes the right to choose whether or not to have children.

3. Some researchers argue that a fetus only becomes a person after birth, capable of surviving outside the womb.

4. Neuroscientists suggest that fetuses do not feel pain during abortions performed using modern techniques.

5. Abortions performed by trained medical professionals are safer for women compared to unsafe procedures.

6. Modern abortion techniques do not result in long-term health issues like infertility.

7. Abortion can prevent the birth of children with genetic abnormalities.

8. Restricting abortion may lead to negative consequences for women, such as job loss, poverty, or domestic violence.

9. The decision to bring a child into the world should not be forced upon anyone.

10. Abortion can help control human population growth.

In Conclusion

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