How to write a reflection on readiness to lead practice change based on evidence

How to write a reflection on readiness to lead practice change based on evidence

Prompt: This final reflection post provides a forum for you to reflect on this course and your readiness to lead practice change based on evidence. NOTE: The word count change. For this assignment, make sure you post a response to the Discussion Area by Week 10, Day 3. You are NOT required to respond to peers. Your instructor may ask for additional information that you would then be required to provide. You will receive full points if you post prior to the deadline AND you include all required information.

Week 10 Reflection Post Prompt: Reflect on this course and the things that you have learned. Provide three (3) specific examples of what you learned in this course that you did not know prior to this course. Provide two (2) examples of how you plan to use what you\’ve learned in this course to be a change agent and to promote evidence-based practice.

Post your reflection in 150 to 200 words. No references required.

Solution to the Course Reflection

During the master’s nursing program, I have improved my clinical leadership skills in patient care and other health care delivery practices. For instance, I have led several medical camps for healthcare delivery in the community. The program has enabled me to design, coordinate, and assess care for patients, groups, and populations. Through the program, I have acquired knowledge and skills to identify and collect healthcare data such as outcomes, the efficacy of patient care practices, mortality rates, patient satisfaction, readmission rates, and care timelines. I have enhanced my skills in operating information systems and technologies to determine and improve patient outcomes through several clinical placements.

I will apply the acquired knowledge and skills to suggest and implement healthcare initiatives that improve the quality of patient care in a clinical setting. I will achieve this by identifying and gathering patient outcomes and using them to calculate and determine the level of patient care quality. Additionally, the patient outcomes will help rank healthcare institutions for resource allocation and reimbursement. Lastly, I will use these skills to help coordinate and design health care for diverse groups, individuals, and populations.

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