How to write a nursing Population & Community Health Promotion essay (Solved)

How to write a nursing Population & Community Health Promotion essay (Solved)

Healthcare workers play a significant role in ensuring the safety of citizens via scientific practices provided and approved by medical practitioners. Quality healthcare deliverables ensure high-quality survival rates and should be encouraged by society. Desirable actions entail informing the community about their roles in various aspects, such as hygiene. Articulating relevant information is significant in enhancing the health of society. People will become known to make conscious and meaningful decisions regarding public health information. Through this, there is an improvement in productivity due to good health.     The information presented to the community should be structured in an easily understandable manner. Health care workers play varied actions to promote population and community health.

Planning and implementing health education programs are the primary approaches to disease prevention and health promotion programs. Health professionals can organize and implement health education programs for populations on how they can be stewards of their developmental and health protection from diseases (Kabasakal & Kublay, 2017). Health workers also educate people on upholding the prevention of illness before its occurrence. Health care education to the public provides structured learning opportunities related to health literacy practices, such as increased knowledge and life skills advancement to improve the community and individual health. Primary health care providers possess the skills and expertise to educate the population about appropriate lifestyle behaviors that promote personal health.

Health professionals advocate for social change within the community. They can advocate for policies that can improve social conditions which influence the state of the health of vulnerable groups and less disadvantaged persons (Williams et al. 2018). The likelihood of achieving good health is limited among economically and socially disadvantaged populations. Advocating for social change can lead to good social policies to promote fairness and justice and addresses the social determinants of health. Health professional portrays a highly influential power in articulating the health effects of social challenges to inspire more comprehensive policy responses. Healthcare professionals can encourage the participation of social movements that lobby for affordable care and address interventions that lessen health disparities. They can intercede in the place of the population needs by presenting data collected from pertinent research on the determinant of health affecting the population.

Getting involved in assessing community health needs and planning by health care workers incredibly promotes population and community health. Health professionals strive to resolve the potential health needs of the people. Identifying the population’s health concerns through getting involved in activities within the community enables the health providers to set priorities for resolving them effectively. Community health planning commences from health professionals’ diagnoses. Residents intend to attain and utilize high-quality services provided by health care professionals while assessing their needs. Health panning highlights the promotion and protection of the population’s health. Health surveillance and community improvement are enhanced when health care professionals consider population health needs.

Health care professionals can provide informal counseling, articulate primary prevention, and health screening, and refer patients immediately to health sector persons with suspected illnesses. Health care can utilize their knowledge in community health by engaging outreach services such as medical camps to screen for diseases and refer where necessary (Edelman et al., 2017). Outreach service by medical professionals impacts the community’s health since it is accessible outside healthcare facilities. Healthcare professionals can counsel clients on their lifestyle behaviors and educate the community on health prevention. Collecting data from outreach services helps to relay information to relevant stakeholders to inform programs and policies. Health professionals also provide culturally appropriate educational topics for chronic disease prevention, nutrition, and physical activity.


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