How to write a nursing Interview Reflection (Solved

How to write a nursing Interview Reflection (Solved)

Analyzing and Reflection on the Interview

Nurse managers are important members of the healthcare team that are tasked with managing employees and ensuring quality care delivery to patients. The healthcare professional interviewed was a nurse manager in the medical unit. Having worked for five years as the nurse manager in the organization, I felt that he had enough experience and expertise to discuss performance management. In her official role, the nurse manager is tasked with managing human resources, maintaining customer focus, ensuring high standards of care, and aligning the interests of the medical unit with the organizational goals. Human resource functions in the medical unit as described by the nurse manager include supervising nursing staff, making decisions in the medical unit, coordinating education and training of employees, and making work schedules. Apart from the medical unit, the healthcare organization discussed provides services like emergency care, pediatrics care, surgical care, maternal child health services, diabetes care, and cancer care.

Nurses make up the largest constituent of the healthcare workforce and the success of healthcare interventions depends on their ability to provide quality healthcare services. Performance management methods like conducting regular performance appraisals, 360- degree feedback, and behavioral analysis can help to consolidate data on staff performance(Madlabana et al., 2020). Data gathered during performance management can be used to design education and training as well as guide retention practices in the organization. The concept of performance management that guided my interview was quality healthcare delivery resulting from effective performance management of employees. To achieve quality, healthcare delivered must be safe, effective, timely, efficient, and people-centered (Madlabana et al., 2020). Performance management provides nurse managers with an opportunity to assess how employees perform in these aspects of quality and changes that can be made to improve their productivity.

During the interview, my questions focused on the system’s organization including features that are present to promote performance assessment. The manager explained that the two main ways of performance evaluation in the medical unit include competency and evaluation of key knowledge and analysis of target goals and key achievements of employees. She explained that through routine observation of employees and the use of patient satisfaction scores she can determine the performance of employees. During the performance management process, the nurse manager explained that computer systems play a key role in collecting and storing data. To ensure the privacy of this information, the use of passwords and restriction of access to authorized personnel is applied. The system supports performance management in the unit through the creation of staff development activities and the organization of training to address areas that seem problematic to employees.

Every healthcare organization has strengths and weaknesses that should be addressed to improve performance. During the interview, the nurse manager explained the use of 360-degree feedback as a method of performance management. This strategy is important because it provides feedback to employees from a variety of sources and develops feedback and accountability (Madlabana et al., 2020). I also observed that the organization provides education and training to employees after performance analysis to ensure they improve in certain aspects of care delivery. One of the weaknesses I observed in the organization was that their performance review was time-consuming. The manager explained issues with staff burnout as they try to perfect their performance to meet set standards. To address the weaknesses in the organization, I would recommend conducting annual performance appraisals to allow employees time to do other duties. Another strategy that I could recommend is to address any issues with staff shortage to ensure employees fully focus on commitment and performance (Madlabana et al., 2020). The managers should use the performance management analysis to justify their recruitment, selection, and training of employees.


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