How to write a nursing essay on Quality Of Care

How to write a nursing essay on Quality Of Care

Introduction: Restructuring the healthcare system has changed how health care is delivered. Positive health outcomes are essential for measuring care quality and effectiveness (Kapu et al., 2022). Advance practice nurses must be knowledgeable about measuring health outcomes regardless of the specialty or setting. Quality measuring and monitoring are essential for accountability and quality assurance making sure that advanced nurse practitioners deliver quality care (Quentin et al., 2022). In addition, it is vital to program and implement quality improvement programs to improve the quality of care. This paper will demonstrate the various ways of measuring and monitoring the quality of care and outcomes achieved by advance practice nurses.

Measuring and Monitoring the Quality of Care Delivered and The Outcomes Achieved by An Advanced Practice Nurse

Firstly, an essential indicator for measuring the quality of care by an advanced practice is the percentage of health outcomes realized. The positive health outcomes are monitored and measured over time. It is done by comparing the current patient’s health outcomes with the previous ones quarterly to identify the areas that need change or improvement (parker & Hill, 2017). The next step is creating an action plan that elaborates strategies for improvement, which should be revised twice a year or when necessary to continuously improve the process.

The crucial elements necessary for improving the quality of care by Advance Practice Nurse entails; continuous monitoring and improvement of care, data capture, and giving feedback to APNs. Studies indicate continuous monitoring and improvement led to sustained quality care (Schober and Stewart, 2019). Furthermore, Advance practice nurses should adopt assessment instruments to evaluate the quality of care they provide to their clients and patients, including SPOT (Standardized Patient Observation Tool). Also, the evaluation process should involve systematic data monitoring as a performance indicator in each domain monitored by the Advance practice nurse.

After self-assessment and evaluation, the Advance practice nurses should use the assessment results to compare themselves to others and evidence-based benchmarks. They should determine if the quality of care is at a standard level relative to benchmark standards to establish if they provide effective, good, optimal, or substandard care (Schober and Stewart, 2019). Moreover, APNs should consider improving their knowledge and skills through continuous education and consultation with others.

The corrective measures should be deployed to improve the quality of care in case of substandard care below the set benchmark standards. It includes consultation with peers and others, workshops, further training, and education (Parker & Hill,2017). Additionally, the practice will instantly or gradually improve the quality of care provided by advance practice nurses.


The health quality indicators are the positive health outcomes measured and monitored over time. The quality of care is determined by assessing and evaluating the current and previous health outcomes. It can be improved through ongoing monitoring and improvement of healthcare services, feedback to APNs, and data capture. Additionally, the APNs should adopt assessment instruments to measure the quality of service they offer to their clients and patients, such as SPOT. Furthermore, they should use the findings and the evidenced-based benchmark standards to compare their levels with others. In substandard care, APNs should consider further studies to bridge the clinical knowledge, including training and education, workshops, and consultations.


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