How to write a nursing essay on professional’s Roles and Values (Solved)

How to write a nursing essay on professional’s Roles and Values (Solved)

Quality and Safety

Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines quality as “the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge, while safety as prevention of harm to patients” (Mitchell, 2022). To achieve quality and safe care, emphasis should be placed on preventing errors, learning from errors, and developing a safety culture among healthcare workers and health consumers.

We were taught the importance of quality and safe nursing care throughout the course to protect patients’ health and improve outcomes. I have learned that before surgical procedures, I should use appropriate antibiotics prophylactically to prevent postoperative infections. Also, I have understood the importance of sterile barriers to prevent infections while placing intravenous catheters.

I was placed in the geriatrics ward during my school clinical experience. Most of the patients were immobile and depended on healthcare providers and personal assistance. They were at risk of developing pressure ulcers and bedsores. I used pressure relieving materials and constantly turned my patients after 3 hours to prevent the bedsores.

Evidence-based practice

Evidence-based practice uses the best findings (evidence) to make care decisions. It involves integrating the best clinical evidence and available resources to provide quality care. My perfect experience of evidenced-based practice was infection control in surgical wards. During my experience in the surgical ward, I used to reuse clean drapes and bandages, which was against the standards and guidelines for cleaning and dressing wounds. Most of my surgical clients were readmitted due to infection or prolonged healing time. The scenario raised eyebrows and the need for further investigations. The committee found out that most students were not fully aware of or ignored the standard wound cleaning and dressing guidelines. The head surgery took us to intense and extensive training on wound management and possible complications.

After training, I gained enough knowledge and skills on wound management and its possible complications, which I consistently implement in my routine wound care. From the first day of implementation, there were no wound infection and readmission cases. Furthermore, there was an increase in the surgical patient satisfaction scores.

Applied leadership

Applied leadership is the act of applying skills such as critical thinking, communication, and skilled guidance to control and manage a team towards a given goal. In the nursing setup, applied leadership is where nurses deploy their abilities to provide the best care to patients through advising, overseeing, controlling, and motivating team members (Indeed, 2022).

During My community health experience, we were divided into a group for duties and clinical allocations. In my group, two of my friends were not seeing each other. One day they were assigned the same patients. They tried to change their shifts, but the ward in charge was not available. I learned the situation and interchange shifts with one of them. A few days later, I was summoned by the ward in charge for interchanging what she had allocated. I explained to her that my friends were not on good terms, which could affect their interactions and patient care. She was so grateful and even nominated me as a clinical leader for applying my leadership skills in practice.

Additionally, there was a nurse’s strike while in our medical rotations. The strike led to low nurses to patient ratio. Most of the students suggested we should not report to our respective medical wards because we were not there to cover the shortage. As their leader, I called for a meeting and convinced them to stay within the hospital premises and report to their respective words. I argued that patients were not to be blamed, and we should consider if we were in the same situation. We agreed to go back to the clinical area until the nurse’s strike was over.

Community And Population Health

Community health is a field of public health that deals with the protection, maintenance, and promotion of health and healthy activities of individuals within a given geographical location, whereas population health refers to the health status and outcomes of individuals in a group. Both community and population health deal with the well-being of individuals, but population health focuses on cohorts with different health needs.

During My experience in community and population health, I was assigned the duty to educate individuals about Covid 19 infection. Me and other team members walked door to door, educating individuals on how they can prevent the spread of Coronavirus. It includes keeping social distance, wearing face masks, sanitization and regular washing of hands, vaccination against Covid 19, isolation of the victims, and the importance of screening and early treatment of the virus. Finally, I taught immunosuppressed populations to be more cautious because of their lowered immunity. They were vulnerable and weaker hence more susceptible to the infection. Later, the disease control center report indicated low transmission, morbidity, and mortality rate from the infection.


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