How to write a nursing essay on professional leadership based on a program for student learning outcome

How to write a nursing essay on professional leadership based on a program for student learning outcome

Week 6 Reflection Post Prompt: Reflect and give at least two (2) examples on how you think you have met the program student learning outcome:
Model a professional leadership role that fosters improvement of healthcare and advocates scholarly activities to advance self and profession.
Post your reflection in 100 to 150 words. No references required.

Meeting The Learning Outcomes

The advanced courses offered in the master’s program in nursing provide students with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills and competency in healthcare service delivery. One of the learning outcomes is incorporating ethical principles in advanced nursing practice clinical situations. I upheld the ethical principle of beneficence in my clinical experience by ensuring patient safety through medication administration. Calculating dosages as per the patient’s weight and administering the right amount through the correct route minimizes medication errors.

Also, I collaborated with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, social workers, and psychotherapists, in managing patients. As a result, I met the learning outcome that requires interprofessional collaboration to enhance patient and population health outcomes.

Professional leadership role

Professional leadership has a significant role in improving healthcare and advocating for evidence-based practices that contribute to self and professional advancement. A strategist leader identifies a health problem, seeks a solution, and successfully implements it. A stepwise application of procedures guides leaders towards achieving the goal, which results in healthcare improvement. Self and professional advancement are realized by being inquisitive and taking regular action to discover new practices that solve health problems. Strategists leaders are experts at problem identification and formulating plans to address them before issues arise. They influence their followers to think critically and observe their environment keenly.

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