How to write a nursing essay on meeting a program student learning outcome

How to write a nursing essay on meeting a program student learning outcome

Week 5 Reflection Post Prompt: Reflect and give at least two (2) examples on how you think you have met the program student learning outcome: Apply an ethical decision-making process in professional practice and an analysis of systems of healthcare. Post your reflection in 100 to 150 words. No references required

SOLUTION TO Meeting the learning outcomes

The master’s learning program in nursing is an advanced level that equips learners with practical leadership skills to implement evidence-based practices in various departments of healthcare institutions. I have learned how to advocate for patients through my clinical experience. During my clinical experience, I educated my patients on their conditions, treatment interventions, and prognosis. Notably, they were confident and adhered to the treatment regimen after equipping them with that knowledge. Even those who had poor prognoses seemed at peace with themselves and lived every moment of their lives with a positive attitude.

Also, during my community health clinical experience, I met the program’s learning outcome of demonstrating leadership in healthcare delivery in the community. I learned about the community I was interacting with and aligned their beliefs and practices with my practice. For instance, the Arab community I interacted with preferred being attended to by a healthcare worker of a similar gender. As a result, I organized my healthcare team so that the male would attend to male clients while the female would take care of the female ones.

Application of ethical decision-making process

I would apply the ethical principle of autonomy in guiding patients to make critical decisions. For instance, a patient who signs a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ form and might want to donate some vital organs would require guidance on how to go about it. I would provide all the relevant information, including family communication, and help them sign the necessary forms.

Application of an analysis of systems of healthcare

I would apply analysis of healthcare systems in my professional capacity by participating in the planning, health policy development, monitoring of interventions, and outcome evaluation. These strategies contribute to the strengthening of healthcare systems leading to improved performance.

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