How to write a nursing essay on Managing Human Resources (Solved)

How to write a nursing essay on Managing Human Resources (Solved)

Organizations must hire employees for a job among a pool of applicants. Although there may be no universal checklists to measure who should be hired, there are a few proven competencies that can be used. As the hiring manager, I will go for an applicant who is precise and process-oriented (Fried & Fottler, 2018). Choosing one individual from many requires the identification of applicants with concrete knowledge of the topic. Secondly, I will go for culturally fit individuals who demonstrate strengths in team dynamics. Today’s healthcare system requires employees who can interact well with people and fit into different healthcare teams (Aydin et al., 2017). Apart from these features, I will look at personal attributes that are acceptable in the line of the nursing profession. For example, I will like an applicant with discipline, patience, and a positive attitude. Such applicants can cope with the pressure at work and dedicate their time to addressing complex situations that matter most to patients.

Few careers are personally rewarding as nursing making the profession a difficult one for many. Nurses who are committed to the profession and experience their job as a calling are the most thriving (Aydin et al., 2017). The top quality that I will consider when hiring is the caring attitude of the applicant. The applicant should have good knowledge about the ill-feeling and maladjustment of the patients. Such nurses are aware of the importance of family ties and offer support to patients during difficult times. The other quality that I will prioritize is collaboration and the ability to interact with other healthcare teams. Nursing is a profession that requires working with diverse professionals making collaboration crucial in achieving patient outcomes. An individual who is a team player can adjust quickly to the busy nature of the profession and possess professional abilities to socialize with diverse populations (Aydin et al., 2017). Apart from these top qualities, experience is an important factor during hiring. Experienced nurses know how to deal with patients and make tough decisions.

Organizations that want a strategic advantage over their competitors consider many other factors other than skills. Organizations hiring based on cultural fit need to define the values of the organization and identify the applicant’s ability to fit into that culture (Fried & Fottler, 2018). I believe my criteria relate to a good fit for the organization because of the values of caring and quality that drive the organization forward. New employees should be able to adapt to these values to help the organization move faster toward the desired state. During hiring, the use of behavioral-based, open-ended questions targeting the applicant’s work ethics can help identify those that best fit into the organizational culture.

Interview validity represents the degree to which interview questions map to specific competencies of a profession. One of the strategies that I could use to ensure the validity of interviews is to use structured questions. Structured interviews are observed to be twice as valid as unstructured interviews because of standardization (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, n.d.). Additionally, structured interviews make it easy to assess a one-to-one correspondence between interview questions and underlying competency. Another strategy that can be effective is the use of statistical methods to measure the validity of the questions. For example, using a correlation coefficient can demonstrate the relationship between the interview results and performance.


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