How to write a nursing essay on Genetic Background Associated with Physically Active Lifestyle

How to write a nursing essay on Genetic Background Associated with Physically Active Lifestyle

The discipline of microbiology deals with research in the areas of cell biology and clinical aspects of microorganisms including the host response to these agents. One of the recent advances in the field of microbiology involves studies on genetic background associated with the level of physical activity among individuals. Physical activity is an important preventive measure for lifestyle diseases like obesity and there is a close linkage between one’s genetic makeup and physical activity (ScienceDaily, 2022). Published in the ScienceDaily newspaper, researchers have identified DNA regions that are associated with physical activity or leisure screen time.

It is well understood that increased physical activity and reduced amount of time while sitting are associated with better health. From past studies on families and twins, it is known that genetic factors influence the level of physical activity. To prove this point, researchers from Uppsala university combined genetic data from over 700,000 individuals worldwide. It was observed that DNA variants associated with less screen time are located in genes affected by strength training through increased skeletal muscle activity (ScienceDaily, 2022). The findings suggest that an individual’s DNA may influence the likelihood of having an active lifestyle through responses to training.

The newspaper discusses specific genes identified to influence active lifestyles in individuals. In total, the research from Uppsala University identified 46 genes in 99 DNA regions that are relevant to the level of physical activity. Additionally, there was an observation that a change in a building block of a protein present in fast-twitch muscle fibers influences physical activity (ScienceDaily, 2022). Overall, this article provides insight that certain genes cause someone to be more or less active in daily life.


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