How to write a nursing essay on Foundations and Essentials in Nursing 3A (Solved)

How to write a nursing essay on Foundations and Essentials in Nursing 3A (Solved)


Moving on to the dissertation as a full-time project is an important step that requires submission of the dissertation prospectus to the PhD supervisory committee. My primary goal in reaching this step is to identify a research topic or title that succinctly indicates the nature and direction of my project by the end of my first year.

Proposed Timeline

My proposed timeline for completion of the PhD program is 4 years. I believe this time aligns with the institutional guidelines for the completion of PhD programs. During the first year, I intend to complete the coursework and sharpen my skills in research. During this period, I will work to identify my dissertation supervisor and establish a dissertation supervisory committee that conforms to the faculty requirements. During my second year, I plan to work on my examinations and sharpen my skills by attending various courses. This examination will be a stepping stone to my candidacy where I will work on my dissertation. I will work on my prospectus and dissertation during this period and attend interviews when necessary. During my third year, I will work on my thesis, attend courses, and seek mentorship. I will seek ethical approval of my research from relevant ethics boards and commence my research. During the final year, I will seek approval for the research and work on the final oral examination. The final step will involve the post-defense submission of the dissertation.


When beginning the monumental task of writing the dissertation, it is imperative to have the right resources. As a researcher, the student needs to communicate well, use appropriate language and be able to communicate key points. To effectively write and defend a dissertation, the student requires resources that range from personnel, capital, time, and things like seminars to enable the gaining of confidence (van Rooij et al., 2021). The first resource that I will need during my dissertation is a good research supervisor. Good supervisory practice and regular meetings with supervisors are necessary to gain direction toward the completion of the PhD programs (Almusaed & Almssad, 2020). The supervisor acts as a mentor and support needed to succeed during learning. The primary role of the supervisor is to use their experience and expertise to guide the student and give timely feedback. I will ensure to select a research supervisor who has been prolific in my research area to promote understanding and communication.

The dissertation advisory committee (DAC) is another resource that is crucial during the completion of dissertations by students. The committee is usually made up of one supervisor and two or three committee members. The committee is involved with tasks like participation in an oral presentation, reading of final papers, and awarding passes for candidacy papers (van Rooij et al., 2021). I believe this resource will be critical during the writing of thesis chapters by giving feedback on areas that may require improvement. The committee will critically assess my progress and provide assistance to overcome hurdles to progress.

Dissertation Boot Camp is a program that gives PhD students a chance t make serious progress on the dissertation writing project. Historically, boot camps have been used to offer students time to interact with other students and address areas of key importance in research. This resource provides four critical elements that include space with minimal distractions, writing regimens, peer support and motivation, and expert writing consultants. I will use this opportunity to work on my deadlines and review university policies while utilizing peer support to overcome typical roadblocks experienced.

Mentorship is a close relationship that has more career benefits for students. Having a mentor during PhD studies can be an important source of academic and emotional support (Shahsavar & Kourepaz, 2020). Dissertation chairs and advisers may not always be experts in matters outside learning that may affect the progress of the student. I intend to seek mentorship to ensure I am prepared to go through the stress of dissertation writing, defense, and other non-academic issues like dealing with the family and time management. Other resources that I may require during dissertation writing include communication programs and workshops to sharpen my skills in public speaking and defense of the dissertation (van Rooij et al., 2021). I will work on individual development programs in aspects of communication, writing, and time management to aid in the successful completion and defense of my dissertation.

Plan to Incorporate and Apply Strategies

The first aspect that I will consider when applying strategies from the identified resources is effective collaboration. I plan to work closely with my supervisor and the dissertation advisory committee to ensure quality is maintained in my dissertation. I will set aside adequate time to go through feedback from my supervisor and make calls or write emails seeking clarification. I will use the goal-setting approach throughout the program to ensure all areas of interest are covered. I will build contacts with peers and other relevant members to ensure the successful implementation of strategies. Lastly, I will use reflective practice to assess my performance, areas of weakness, and ways that can be better used to apply strategies learned from the identified resources.




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