How to write a nursing essay on Finance and Economics in Healthcare Delivery

How to write a nursing essay on Finance and Economics in Healthcare Delivery

The demand for healthcare products in the oncology unit is paying great attention, especially in the current century. I concur that the rate of chronic diseases developing is always on the rise, and the demand for the service is high. Caring for chronic diseases is mainly termed too expensive in the management process. Many people have opted to care for their relatives within their homestead without knowing the knowledge on how to care for them scientifically. I propose the need for insurance coverage apart from the out-of-patient expenditure in managing chronic illnesses such as cancer. Out-of-pocket spending is insufficient for managing chronic disease in the oncology unit; hence, insurance coverage is essential.

Incorporating the SWOT analysis is essential among healthcare workers in the oncology unit since it is an effective tool for improving patient outcomes. SWOT analysis is assuredly a strategic planning exercise for improving healthcare performance. I have utilized SWOT analysis as a structured way of thinking to ensure the deployment of resources to assess patient outcomes in the oncology unit.

The strength of managing patients with chronic illness in the oncology unit solely embraces curative, supportive, and palliative treatments. The team utilizes explicit treatments with validated trial evidence to relieve the disease progression and enhance the essence of caring for a better life. One of my significant strengths in the oncology unit is the essence of caring and showing compassion to various patients with immunocompromised conditions without discrimination. Being motivated to care is an inbuilt factor that uplifts me in caring for such patients. However, the team-based practice in the oncology unit enhances thyself in managing palliative patients. The unit value the power of togetherness as healthcare providers. I utilize my specialty to care for vulnerable patients as a healthcare provider.

As I see, I have some weakness that jeopardizes the provision of services in the oncology unit. The most common is that the benefits of oncology are only limited to palliative patients and not everybody I can provide the services to. I don’t offer services or cure everyone, but only those I offer are palliative services. Another weakness in the oncology unit is the limited contact time with the patient. The patients may require us to stay with them most of the time since it is hectic. Giving them forty minutes is enough for them.

Although we don’t provide oncology service to everybody regardless of the limited resources, the opportunity to guide informed analysis of the weakness includes incorporating the third party to add value and provide for the quality and efficiency that help improve the quality of life. I   articulate the power of patients utilizing insurance coverage since it protects their financial constraints. The threat to my professional effort is the third-party insurance that strives to pay less for services I always aspire to deliver. The revenue stream for the oncology services comes from the out-of-pocket expenditure and licensing from third-party payers.

Maximizing the available strengths is essential in reducing the weakness incurred while utilizing effectively the available opportunities is paramount in leveling down every threat that may arise. Revenue plays a significant strength, while cost is a weakness in the swot analysis. Revenue aims to raise capital for the organization. The weakness associated with the cost is the pricing method which ignores the role of the consumers in the healthcare services provided. Finally, revenue is a strength because it generates income though revenue is not an asset.

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