How to write a nursing essay on COVID-19 Hesitancy and Education

How to write a nursing essay on COVID-19 Hesitancy and Education

Covid 19 vaccination brought tremendous indecision among health care globally. Some of the healthcare workers with prior knowledge of the pandemic education were receptive to the vaccine uptake. Despite the sensitization and awareness of the dangers of COVI 19, most health workers resisted taking the covid 19 vaccination. Some studies showed various factors that contributed to poor uptake of the covid 19 vaccine among healthcare workers.

Efficacy is another reason why healthcare workers heisted on covid 19 vaccination. Many thought the vaccine was ineffectual against COVID-19 or that the vaccine’s immunity was not lifelong. The recommendation of the booster vaccine made many health care workers lose hope in the efficacy of the vaccine. The multiple doses of covid also confirmed among health care workers the vaccine’s ineffectiveness, thus contributing to hesitancy. Healthcare workers who opted to be vaccinated for the first and declined the next dose made many hesitant to take the vaccine (Peterson et al., 2022).

Healthcare workers heisted due to limited data and hence decided to wait for additional evidence about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Health care workers are data drive and depend on evidence-based practice, which craved a desire to wait for more data before making a decision. The speed at which the vaccine was developed made some healthcare hesitant due to the quickness of production. Health care workers may not be conversant with the time frame at which the vaccine was developed (Peterson et al., 2022). Additionally, low confidence in employers, the health care system, and the government made many hesitant—distrust the pharmaceutical industry with the thought of potentially compromising financial motives. However, the health care workers were not confident of the outcome health system as far as the virus is concerned.

As an APN, articulating the preventive measures associated with the vaccine uptake. Educating the people regarding the vaccine’s development and efficacy is key to making them certain concerning vaccination (Daniel, 2020). Allaying myths and misconceptions is vital in detaching people’s perceptions emanating from either cultures or ethnic groups; being confident in communicating with patients and incorporating covid vaccine packages helps to raise awareness of the uptake of COVID vaccine.


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