How to write a nursing essay on Comparison between APN Entrepreneur and an APN Intrapreneur

How to write a nursing essay on Comparison between APN Entrepreneur and an APN Intrapreneur

Advanced practice nurse utilizes uses their education, experience, and medical expertise to establish and expand their businesses in the healthcare industry. They apply inventiveness, successful business practices, investment strategies, and problem-solving skills (Copelli et al., 2019). It facilitates the opportunities for unemployed nurses to create cooperatives that provide healthcare services to underprivileged communities in rural areas. This is beneficial in ensuring access to the population’s healthcare needs and promoting health outcomes.

APN entrepreneurship is advantageous because it allows the nurses to acquire and distribute medical supplies or equipment, provide direct patient care, train other professionals or community members, or offer health-related consultation (Copelli et al., 2019). However, the significant challenge is the work-life imbalance due to juggling various roles. Also, a lack of business skills and competency can cause the failure of business opportunities.

An intrapreneur is an employee who assumes responsibility for their position within a company. They rely on their effort and a genuine sense of accomplishment to establish a reputation for themselves at work. APN intrapreneur takes on leadership roles at work, paving the way for promotion and greater opportunity (Letsie, 2021). It allows room for autonomy, which improves the employees’ productivity, motivation and well-being. According to Letsie( 2021), some barriers include authoritative leadership that leaves no room for autonomy, inadequate finances to enhance innovative initiatives and ethical and cultural conflicts whereby the profit-making moves contradict professional values.

I prefer the APN entrepreneur business model. This is because it offers a broad career path for nurses to choose one that is preferable. In addition, the increased autonomy in this model will enhance creativity allowing the highest potential to be achieved.




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