How to write a nursing essay on APN History  Conceptualization and Roles (Solved)

How to write a nursing essay on APN History  Conceptualization and Roles (Solved)

The primary criteria for advanced practice nursing encompass three components: graduate education with a concentration in an advanced nursing field with a focus on population, national certification at an advanced stage, and a system practice focusing on patients or their families (COOKE et al., 2018). These criteria ensure consistency in advanced practice nursing by offering a systematic approach to nursing research, education, and practice alongside ensuring conflict reduction and proper alignment of APNs with the population’s needs.

Hamric’s criterion is in sync with the regulatory vision of the APRN consensus model. APRNs play a critical role in caring for the current and future health needs of patients and their families; therefore, their education, accreditation, licensure, and certification need to be effectively aligned to enhance continuous patient safety and improve patient access to APRNs (National Council of State Boards of Nursing, 2017). The consensus vision is to harmonize the model of regulation of APRNs across the states which to date has not been achieved since states independently determine their legal scope of practice, roles that are recognized, criteria for entry into advanced practice together with the certification examinations for entry-level competence assessment which has made the licensing boards governed by individual states regulations and statuses final arbiters of who should be recognized to practice in a certain state.

The APRN model has four roles: certified registered nurse anesthetist, certified nurse midwife, clinical nurse specialist, and certified nurse practitioner who undergoes broad-based education and appropriate clinical experiences in their respective fields. Nurses with this appropriate education are required to sit for a certification examination to assess competencies on core, role, and at least one population focus area of practice for regulation (National Council of State Boards of Nursing, 2017). Hamric’s criteria and APRN consensus model effectively align nursing education to meet the changing needs of populations.


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