How to write a nursing Education Practicum Documentation (NEPD) Form: Competency 8

How to write a nursing Education Practicum Documentation
(NEPD) Form: Competency 8

NUR-665E Nursing Education Practicum

Directions: Complete the documentation form. Type in your response in the unshaded box below each question. The form will expand for as long as you type. The purpose of this assignment is to document meeting the competency and to promote deep reflection on your practicum activities. Consider reviewing course textbooks: Certified Nurse Educator Review Book: The Official NLN Guide to the CNE Exam and NLN Core Competencies for Nurse Educators: A Decade of Influence for suggested practicum activities.


15 and 16
Nurse Educator Competency 8: Function Effectively Within the Organizational Environment and the Academic Community.
  Learner Name:    Date(s):
Complete this section before you begin the weeks’ clinical. Learning Goals: What do you want to accomplish for Competency 8: Function Effectively Within the Organizational Environment and the Academic Community?

Be sure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound (S.M.A.R.T. goals).

Some goals should reflect higher cognitive learning levels in Bloom’s taxonomy.

My goal/s for this competency is/are to:

1. Use my knowledge and skills to make educated decisions and recommendations at the educational and institutional level throughout my career.

2. Utilize my nursing philosophy to develop my career and practice according to the organizational mission and values.

3. Recommend changes in nursing education based on current events, politics, and research.

Resources and Strategies: What type of resources or strategies will you utilize to accomplish your learning goals?  Include both human and material resources.
The resources (human and material) and strategies I need to meet my weekly goal are:

1. Participate in conferences and stay active to identify current trends in nursing education.

2. Consider the goals of the parent institution and align my philosophy to the mission and vision of the organization.

3. Be open-minded and look for alternative views from peers and mentors.

4. Develop and pursue a plan of professional development and collaboration with other professionals.


Measurement: How will you know that you have accomplished your learning goal(s)? What criteria will you use to measure this?
The criteria I will use to measure my goals are:

1. Assess the ability to network and reach out to faculty members during collaborative practice.

2. The recommended changes are accepted in the organization and introduced into the current curriculum.

3. Being a member of institutional committees and called upon to give direction on the future of nursing education.

4. Decisions made should have a positive impact on the organization and address issues in higher education.


Complete this section after you complete the weeks’ clinical. Evaluation: Did you meet your goal? What did you accomplish that you can use as evidence that you met your learning goals?


Did you meet your goal? Why or why not?

Nurse educators must have the knowledge and skillset to function effectively in their role. One of the goals that I have met is collaborating with other professionals to propose changes in nursing education. By considering the current trends in nursing education, I have managed to propose strategies to curb the challenge of faculty shortage and the increasing needs of the students. I have managed to align my philosophy with the organization and work with colleagues to improve teaching in the organization.

Reflect on Competency 8, analyzing your practicum experiences: Be sure to connect your experiences directly to the competency.
Reflection: Functioning effectively as a nurse educator requires one to be knowledgeable about the history, culture, and current trends in nursing education. The nurse educator should ensure their philosophy is well aligned with the organizational mission and values to function effectively. Through collaborative practice, I have managed to reach out to important members of the profession and proposed changes that can improve the future of nursing education. I believe functioning well in the organization is a continuous process that requires focus, education, professional growth, and effective collaboration.


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