How to write a nursing Education paper

How to write a nursing Education paper

Access the Christian Identity and Mission page of the GCU website, provided in the topic Resources. As a GCU graduate, discuss how you can integrate faith, learning, and work into your organization to foster a climate of respect and caring.

The integration of faith, learning, and work represent the application of the Christian worldview during care delivery as a way of honoring God. GCU has managed to integrate faith and learning by weaving the Christian worldview across the nursing curriculum. To apply the same in the area of practice, I intend to advocate for spiritual care within nursing practice, research, and education. A spiritual nurse recognizes the existence of different denominations and provides care irrespective of the patient’s faith (Harrad et al., 2019). To foster a climate of respect and caring, I will conduct a spiritual assessment and respect those whose values conflict with my faith. Another way of integrating faith and learning into the organization during my work is ensuring patients receive spiritual care when needed. For example, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses may require interventions from the priests. Ensuring such patients receive proper spiritual care during end-of-life can promote a peaceful death (Harrad et al., 2019). In other approaches, the nurse educator should emphasize professional values like integrity, honesty, empathy, and respect to demonstrate caring.

How will you strive to be actively engaged as an advocate in nursing education organizations or institutional processes?

Nurses can advocate for nursing as part of their daily activity whether they are managers, educators, or point-of-care professionals. To actively engage as an advocate in nursing education, the first strategy will involve establishing effective communication channels. Most advocacy initiatives involve bringing groups together and clear and concise communication can serve to achieve the intended purpose (Perry & Emory, 2017). Secondly, collaboration with other healthcare professionals is crucial to garnering the necessary support to address issues. I will ensure to build trust among key stakeholders and maintain open communication channels for the advocacy plan to work.


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