How to write a Nursing Education essay

How to write a Nursing Education essay

Trends in nursing education such as the incorporation of active learning strategies make lesson plans vital to nursing educators and students. Lesson plans help instructors to know what is required to happen during classes. Lesson plans contribute to quality improvement because they enable students to learn actively (Moore-Cox, 2017). The instructor is able to plot the student learning outcomes and arrange instructional activities to ensure students understand the content. Through benchmarks and performance standards addressed during learning, the lesson plan allows the instructor to continuously evaluate students. Another way lesson plans contribute to quality improvement is through the utilization of learning resources (Moore-Cox, 2017). For example, the instructor is able to plan to use textbooks, websites, computer software, and guest speakers to improve the student’s understanding. Overall, the lesson plan helps the faculty plot out the many dynamic components of an active learning environment.

Whether curriculum development involves the revision of existing programs or new programs, evaluation of both internal and external factors is important. External influences like the political climate and body politic dictate how the curriculum revision process ends (Porter et al., 2020). Body politic influences how financial and administrative roles are defined during the process. The second factor is the healthcare system and the health needs of the population. Factors like major primary care agencies in the area and the emergency of new disease outbreaks influence curriculum revision (Porter et al., 2020). Another external factor involves regulations and accreditation bodies that determine the type of content to be taught and key competencies upon completion of the course.

Curriculum revision can influence quality improvement because it is based on evidence-based practice and trends in healthcare. Curriculum revision ensures that schools prioritize quality and utilize available technology to address complex issues in healthcare. Through the involvement of internal and external stakeholders, curriculum revision ensures collaborative improvement and effective decision-making that influence quality.


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