How to write a nursing Curriculum Design or Revision Process (Solved)

How to write a nursing Curriculum Design or Revision Process (Solved)

Curriculum design is an ongoing process in nursing education that intends to produce an evidence-based, context-informed, and unified curriculum. A high-quality nursing curriculum is essential to prepare nurses who can effectively manage the current and future healthcare delivery system. During this process, nurse educators are required to be creative, interpretive, and data-driven to develop a curriculum that reflects modern nursing environments.

The role of the nurse educator during curriculum design or revision is to recognize the shortcomings of the current curriculum and identify specific areas of improvement (Ramasubramaniam & Angeline, 2015). For example, nurse educators identify gaps in emergency response procedures and emerging illnesses or treatment approaches that must be taught to students. Nurse educators conduct research and provide statistics supporting the need to update or develop a new curriculum. Additionally, these individuals build lesson plans, generate grading criteria, and train other educators on the new curriculum (Ramasubramaniam & Angeline, 2015). Nurse educators may be involved in educating faculty about laws and policies surrounding healthcare that may be impacted by the new curriculum.

The development of a curriculum and program outcomes is a dynamic cyclical process that requires reassessment and adaptation over time. An effective curriculum should be developed using a backward planning method starting from the identification of desired learning outcomes (Ramasubramaniam & Angeline, 2015). Program outcomes can affect curriculum development by dictating the content of the new curriculum, the number of hours spent on each course, and the learning methods used for instruction.

Nurse educators determine what to teach based on the learning outcomes outlined in the nursing curriculum. For example, program learning outcomes outline what a student will know, can do, or show awareness after completing the program as a whole. Through needs assessment, nurse educators can determine specific areas of instruction that must be taught to meet the student and course learning outcomes.


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