How to Write a Nursing Career Goals Essay: Topics, and Examples

How to Write a Nursing Career Goals Essay: Topics, and Examples

Nursing is a career that has recently gained popularity among college and university students. Most students are driven by different career goals that push them to pursue a career in nursing. Writing a nursing career goals essay is the first step to showcasing your dedication to pursuing this noble career.

Drafting a nursing goals essay is a task that requires diverse skills and commitment to subscribe to the program. If you are stuck on how to start a nursing goals essay, we have taken the step to help you get out of the mud in this article. You can use the guide below to reduce your migraine in writing your nursing career goals essay.

Definition of nursing career goals essay

Nursing career goals are vital in the expert existence of a nursing practitioner. As a nursing practitioner, you may be expected to give sharp nursing career goals essay examples on how to deal with different situations. A nursing career goals essay can be defined as a well-detailed document that explains other motives that drive an individual to choose nursing as their career.

Career goals can be defined as objectives that individuals could use to succeed in their careers. Without uncertainty, a decent handle on nursing career goals will be helpful while composing a nursing career goals essay. Any genuine understudy or specialist should have intricate professional goals in a nursing essay.

The writing process must be meticulous, where it ought to mirror the target of the career goals essay. Before you begin drafting your paper, it is important to understand the various career fields for nursing practitioners. These careers can be ordered under three significant gatherings that include:

1.      Direct Patient Registered Nurse

This career way involves working at the patient’s bedside as a feature of an interdisciplinary group. The essential job of the medical caretaker involves working “actively” with patients.

2.      Indirect Patient Care Registered Nurse

This career way includes working with an interdisciplinary group of various medical services professionals, including the bedside attendant, to help with patient consideration. It emphasizes more working in managerial and the executives’ limits. Work settings for this nurse might include:

  • Outpatient settings
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitals
  • Correctional healthcare facilities
  • Government
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Clinics
  • Community health
  • Physician offices
  • Universities

3.      Advanced Practice Registered Nursing

This is viewed as the embodiment of a nursing career. The career way goes about as a scaffold among nursing practitioners and doctors. Such medical attendants perform undeniable level obligations and manage the nursing staff. APRN areas of practice include:

  • Nurse anesthetist
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Clinical nurse specialist
  • Nurse midwife

How to develop educational goals essay for nursing

Creating reasonable goals is one of the significant areas of concern when composing an essay on nursing career goals. Likewise, there is a heap factor you ought to consider to guarantee that your goals are lined up with your scholarly and professional pursuits. It is, in this way, vital to ensure a first-class essay.

Writing future career goals in nursing essays demands a good understanding of the goal development process. Generally, when developing such goals, you should deliberate on several factors, including:

1.      Factors what drive you to pursue nursing

A nurse is considered the first line of contact in healthcare provision and saving of life. As a nurse, you are obliged as the first person to identify any patient who may require emergency attention. Practicing nursing services is demanding in its nature of work, requires high concentration levels, and can be mentally draining practice.

This is more serious in some fields of nursing practice than others. In light of this, drafting a career goals essay for nursing graduate school requires a legitimate individual assessment to decide the explanation that draws you to practicing nursing activities. Recognizing this reason will assist you in making suitable choices to help you follow your dream.

2.      A working environment that suits you

This is another factor to consider when writing a nursing educational and career goals essay. It is essential to appreciate that respective nursing careers are practiced in different environments.

Other nursing careers might expect you to work from home, travel frequently and broadly, practice in well-known emergency clinics, stroll around in communities delivering healthcare, hold meetings and educative programs, or even work in educating foundations. Consequently, it is fundamental to consider the different work settings while composing your nursing targets and goals. This is key in deciding if you have the essential individual qualities and traits for working in particular conditions and nursing careers.

3.      The community you aim at delivering healthcare services to

Close to your environment, the type of society you wish to consistently collaborates with is another significant component to consider while composing a frontier nursing goals essay. This glances at the patients, associates, and individuals you report to. Nursing careers allow you to connect easily with the patients, local area individuals, scholars, and intellectuals.

In some nursing careers, interacting with individuals, either patients or the general population, is restricted. The prerequisites to answer to your superiors vary depending on your nursing career. It would be best to comprehend where your character suits most while fostering your nursing professional goals statement.

4.      The requisite academic qualifications

Your academic qualifications are essential in every path you take when writing an essay on nursing career goals. All these career paths are more demanding academically than other careers. Other career paths will only require an undergraduate degree, while others require a master’s or a doctorate degree.

This places you in a position to consider factors like your age, financial capacity or plans, and other life issues like craving for additional time with family. The more specific the nursing career is, the higher the academic requests.

How to set your nursing career goals

To develop proper examples of nursing career goals, you will be expected to have the essential objective setting information and abilities. Note that the method involved laying out attainable nursing career goal requests that you take on the SMART goals approach. The SMART goals are explained in detail below.

It is important to note that SMART is an acronym for:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Realistic

T: Time-bound


It is essential to guarantee that the goals you include in your nursing professional goals articulation are not very expansive. All nursing career goals essay examples should be presented in a way that they can be easily translated. It would be best if you comprehended that long-term goals as a nurse practitioner specifically are exposed to pessimistic impacts of progress by the change in environment and individual perspectives.

It would be best to be specific with your nursing career goals enough to avoid situations of outrageous differences. The goals ought to be just about as engaged and point by point as expected.


All nursing career goals should be quantifiable. Measurability is critical concerning how to accomplish nursing goals. This is significant in deciding on advancement in your nursing career.

This progress could be explored using different examples of nursing goals for yearly evaluation. Measurability is also essential in helping demarcate achievements that act as a source of motivation. Your nursing career goals should incorporate clear milestones that have a defined ending.


This pertains to how to achieve nursing goals. There is a significant attainability challenge, mainly when writing a long-term goals nursing essay. This is because such nursing career goals could demand tools and resources beyond the reach of the nurse.

Ensuring that your nursing goals are incognizant of required resources, including time frames, skills, and funds, is essential. This requires you to break down your goals into smaller ones, especially in incidences where the main goal is quite complex. You can begin by exploring the most appropriate examples of nursing goals for yearly evaluation.


About being realistic, you need to guarantee that every one of the examples of nursing career goals you decide to embrace is sensible concerning the setting of nursing practice. You ought to consider various elements to conclude whether your nursing career goals are reasonable. Such factors might include their degree, required abilities, existing frameworks, and individual limits.

Specifically, long-term goals for a nursing specialist can represent genuine difficulties in being practical. As a nurse, you should try to make career goals that are grounded and adjusted to the setting of nursing practice.


Time-frame is another significant facet regarding how to accomplish nursing career goals essay. It involves joining a particular course of events to achieve your nursing career goals. Every goal should include a study of events inside which the goals are supposed to have been accomplished.

This needs you to develop various examples of nursing goals for the yearly assessment. The timetables should function as signs of progress and a wellspring of inspiration on the direction you should take as a nurse.

Steps to take when writing career goals essay for nursing graduate school

Step 1: Planning your essay

Before composing, begin by brainstorming your goals and what you need to achieve as a medical caretaker. This stage is tied in with gathering different ideas.

a.       Brainstorm different nursing career paths

Every registered nurse can work in a specialist’s office, clinics, schools, long-term care offices, facilities, prisons, and traveling nursing all around the United States and other foreign nations.

b.       Plan your nursing career content

After you have narrowed your ideas about your career as a nurse, it is time to plan how to get your message across. Here is a list of factors you should consider before writing your nursing education and career goals essay: 

  • Who is your audience?
  • A list of items that interest you as a nursing student and why you find them interesting
  • Why did you select the nursing program that you did?
  • Prior preparation for becoming a good nurse
  • What makes you stand out?
  • Any medical training or patient care
  • What traits do you have that will make you a good nurse?
  • Why the nursing school should accept you as a student
  • What work environment do you prefer? Hectic and fast-paced? Slow and steady and quiet?

Step 2: Outlining your essay

Usually, you will start with the introduction, write the main content in your essay’s body paragraphs, and finish with a conclusion. To write an outstanding essay about nursing career goals, you can consider the following steps as your cheat sheet:

  1. Develop eye-catching essay topics on career goals in nursing.
  2. Draft a powerful personal statement or an introduction to hook your audience. You can make it enjoyable by writing a personal story.
  • Begin to draft your essay’s body by highlighting your long-term and short-term goals. You can take it further by writing about what drives you to pursue a nursing career.
  1. Every essay has a beginning and ending, so does a nursing career goals essay. You should emphasize your discussion topic and leave an impression on your audience.

Step 3: Writing your nursing career essay

It’s time to put your pen to work. Even if you develop a rough draft, you have to begin writing your essay.

Ø  Title

The title of an essay is one of the essential pieces of a paper. While making your title, think about your crowd. If you decide to draft an admission essay, it is always important to understand that your crowd will be an admissions committee.

Ø  Essay introduction

Your introduction is an essential facet of your work. To showcase your expertise, you should develop a solid personal statement. The personal statement should be a novel or recount an individual diminutive story. The presentation is where you arouse your audience’s curiosity and catch their consideration, so they need to continue to peruse.

One answer that should shine through is why you want to be a nurse. This question’s answer serves as a great transition between your career goals essay’s introduction and body.

Ø  Body of your nursing career goals essay

A nursing school essay’s body tells the nursing school administrators why they want to be a nurse and why they should select you to be a student in their program. You can incorporate a real-life story if you have one.

Long-term goals and short-term goals

This will be the primary piece of your essay. You ought to devote most of your paper to your nursing career goals. You will have goals that you can accomplish quicker than different goals. One method for seeing it is to have momentary goals and long-term goals. Momentary goals will be goals you can accomplish in under one year, though long-term goals require a touch more determination and vision.

Presenting your short-term and nursing career goals in 5 years shows that you are aggressive and have a dream for your career. These goals should underline the effect you wish to make once you enter the nursing force. Here is a cheat sheet to introduce your goals:

  • State your goal clearly
  • Describe how this goal connects to your personal life
  • What motivates you to achieve this goal?
  • Explain your plan on how you will accomplish this goal
  • Write about the challenges that you may face and how you will overcome them
Examples of short-term goals 
  • Passing Nursing school and board certification
  • Taking classes to gain more certifications such as the Advanced Certified Life Support(ACLS) or Critical Care Registered Nurse(CCRN)
  • Taking classes to increase to improve your current knowledge. For example, EKG classes as a cardiac nurse or mother-baby classes as a labor and delivery nurse.
  • Improving communication skills with patients and colleagues
 Examples of long-term goals 
  • A relatively common career goal is advancement. If you are looking for a more challenging nursing position or getting burned out, look into becoming an educator or a family nurse practitioner.
  • Another good move up the nursing ladder is to obtain an administrative position. This is an excellent option if you seek to move away from the bedside. The ideal people for the jobs are nurses because they already have vast knowledge in the nursing field.

Step 4: Conclude your essay

This part will stay with your crowd the most because it’s the last part they read. Your conclusion should comprise your strengths and accomplishments.

A phenomenal method for being unique is to give your crowd a something worth mulling over and end your essay with the accompanying:

  • Connect your personal experience/story with your goal of becoming a nurse
  • Return to the introduction for your paper to come full circle
  • End your essay with an intriguing question
  • End your essay with an impactful statement

How to answer the question “Why do you want to be a nurse?” in your essay

Frequently, a potential nursing understudy has a particular explanation far over the affection for dealing with individuals. It is typically a heartbreaking story, yet one that gives a powerful urge and drives you as a student.

Likewise, you ought to consider what you will be “dealing” with as a nurse, like blood, organic liquids, death of infants, children, teenagers, youths, grown-ups, and the elderly. Engine vehicle mishap casualties are gripping to life, sick individuals who are so debilitated they will most likely be unable to talk or continue alone, misfortune and the circle of life gone haywire.

There are also happy endings in hospitals such as: babies’ birth and parents being discharged in good conditions, patients who have gone through long periods in the emergency clinic being discharged, and careful patients who are presently not in torment leaving return home.

Other situations that can define your goals

  • If you have worked or volunteered in a doctor’s office or hospital, you can draw from what you observed and add any positive experiences.
  • If you were a patient in a hospital for at least a few days, you could again draw from that experience about how you felt as you watched the doctors and nurses take care of you and even other patients. Of course, your experience would need to be a positive one.
  • You can use a situation where you volunteered in a pediatric unit to read to the children. You could make sense of how that affected you and how the nursing practitioners communicated with the child.

Final remarks

Setting your goals as a nurse is the first staircase to a successful nursing career. To show case your credibility and competency, you must complete an outstanding nursing career goals essay. The above guide will help you get the flowers you deserve by writing a top-quality nursing goals essay.

If you are stuck choosing the best essay topics on career goals in nursing, you can always consult our experts. When you place your first order with us, you are guaranteed access to a free sample essay on nursing career goals. Allow our experts to mold you into the nurse you always dreamt of becoming.

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