How to write a Letter of Recommendation for an Advanced Nursing Practitioner (ANP)

How to write a Letter of Recommendation for an Advanced Nursing Practitioner (ANP)

To whom it may concern

Frank Peterson has been under my supervision at Kenland Medical Center for the last three years, and I recommend him as a nurse practitioner at your facility. Frank has the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform job specifications for nurse practitioner. In addition, he always ensures his patients are comfortable at the hospital and after discharge. He is patient, empathetic, kind, and respectful to patients, their families, and colleagues.

Kenland Medical Centre provides healthcare services to individuals from all spheres of life, so we deal with clients and patients from different social backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, religions, and ethnicities. Frank has a lot of clinical experience in managing patients and their families. Also, he is honest and can considerately convey medical information. He is a compassionate nurse who can handle any situation in medical and surgical care. Furthermore, he has shown empathy for patients with pain and those suffering and has been a role model to others. Lastly, Frank has demonstrated continued dedication to his job and advanced education during his tenure here, which has been recognized with awards and certifications.

Frank Peterson has my recommendation for a nurse practitioner in your facility. I am sure the patients and staff under her care will benefit massively. Although he will be missed here, he will do a great job at your facility by providing the best to his clients and patients. I am sad we are losing such a gift, but then again am certain she will continue to prosper in the field and his endeavors.


Yours faithfully


John Mathew, RN, MSN, PhD

Chief Nursing Officer

Kenland Medical Centre

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