How to write a Healthcare Systems and Quality Outcomes essay (Solved)

How to write a Healthcare Systems and Quality Outcomes essay (Solved)

Time Management

Many healthcare professionals have areas of improvement that could affect how they work and deliver services to patients. To me, self-improvement entails setting goals and working towards these goals to improve self and the quality of services offered. Based on self-evaluation to highlight and recollect milestones in my professional development, the area that I will like to improve most is time management.

Effective time management is an important aspect of nursing and nursing management for achieving organizational and personal goals. With the effective use of time, nurses can improve their efficiency and performance by eliminating unnecessary pressures. A growing body of evidence indicates that time management behaviors are of great importance in determining success and obtaining skills by managers (Johnson & Sollecito, 2020). For instance, the prevention of time wastage and having proper control of time can improve managerial abilities, reduce stress, and increase job satisfaction. In nursing care delivery, some duties are easily forgotten because of poor management of time. Such hurries to finish tasks lead to errors and adverse events that reduce quality and hinder patient safety.

Nurses, as the biggest group of healthcare providers, possess the power to improve quality through time management. The Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ) describes time management alongside the other five domains of healthcare quality. It is noted that reducing waits and sometimes harmful delays for both caregivers and care receivers is crucial for achieving quality (AHRQ, 2018). To me, effective time management will be of great importance to ensure I get to have free time outside work. I will like to create adequate time to do personal things because the busy work schedules consume my days. I will like to give myself opportunities to rest and rejuvenate, especially during weekends instead of carrying tasks home.

Managing time can be difficult, especially for nurses trying to handle busy schedules throughout the day. As hard as it is for me to admit, I am a very busy person always looking for perfection. For example, I always want to get things done the right way and it is difficult to delegate tasks because I feel others cannot do them perfectly. My goal for this project is to grow my time management skills by using a time audit tool to ensure I do not carry tasks home within four weeks. Using this tool, I will like to identify small increments that can be better managed to minimize time spent on daily tasks. I will like to track my schedules including the time taken to complete them and identify gaps that can be improved to achieve effective time management.

Many time management strategies always require attention and time to effectively produce good results. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Research (IHI) identifies the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle as a powerful tool for accelerating improvement (IHI, n.d.). I intend to use the PDSA cycle to implement and evaluate my time management skills. The most effective way to measure if time is well-managed is personal satisfaction with the work done. I will keep detailed records of how I spend my time and evaluate the timely completion of tasks. I will know I have achieved my goal when all the daily tasks are completed within the stipulated timeframe. Secondly, I will evaluate the extra time spent at work to complete tasks including weekends and a reduction in the number of hours per week will demonstrate progress.


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