How to respond to a nursing discussion post on Covid-19

How to respond to a nursing discussion post on Covid-19

Discussion Post Response 802 (Lorangel)

Hi Lorangel, reading your telehealth post, I agree that COVID-19 triggered global havoc, especially on health. Health care workers were inaccessible since everybody lived in tremendous fear of the virus. The health-seeking behavior was affected greatly since many had to confine themselves within their homestead. Telehealth was a safe online tool for seeking care during COVID-19 time. One could easily communicate with their doctor and seek clarification concerning their health. Doctors were accountable for using the online services, which at a certain point, helped. As depicted by your post, I am certain that clients with chronic illnesses could reach their attending doctors online. Telehealth improved health services by keeping patients’ health safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. One was able to seek clarification one is experiencing without even having a face to face contact with the doctors (Monaghesh et al., 2020).

Amidst the advantages of telehealth during Covid 19 outbreak, several disadvantages encompassed the use of telehealth. I agree with the barrier in your post, such as the inability of the doctors to perform a direct physical examination on the patient. Indeed no physical examination could be performed when using telehealth due to the barrier between the doctor and the patient. This limited the accuracy of coming up with an appropriate diagnosis. Also, telehealth was not distributed to every corner of the world. In line with this, not everybody was literate; hence it was only limited to the literate community. It is factual that patient confidentiality and privacy were not upheld since it is system generated, which may risk patient information to unnecessary hands. It was indeed hectic to secure the connection when communicating with the patients. I concur that despite the patients utilizing telehealth, having a secured system would typically safeguard patients’ information from contact with unnecessary hands.


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