How to Read the Bible Well

How to Read the Bible Well
The verse that will help me practice reading skills is 1 Peter 5:7, which states, casting all your care upon him (God) because he cares for you. Some versions use the word anxiety instead of care. Therefore, anxiety is an indication of distrust, especially when confronted by difficulties and while in danger. The phrase casting one’s care to the Lord encourages believers to have absolute confidence in the Lord that he will see things through (Clowney, 2014). The choice of the words is extensive to cover all the personal issues one may be facing. They include family concerns, current issues, future problems, others’ problems, and other burdens one may be carrying. Since the verse states that God cares for us, he will provide all that we need at his own time and in his mysterious ways. Therefore, believers are encouraged to be calm under pressure.

Various elements regarding its context characterize the verse. The verse’s immediate context is the sixth verse that encourages believers to be humble and the eighth verse that encourages them to be sober and vigilant since the devil is constantly seeking a person to devour. Once the believers have humility and vigilance, they will calmly cast their burdens to God. The literary context evident is that since Peter’s book is an epistle, the verse is a set of instructions from Paul to Peter. The historical-cultural context highlighted is when the disciples had gone to other places to spread the gospel after the Holy Spirit had descended upon them. Paul had been converted on the road to Damascus into a devoted Christian. Both of them were apostles who spread Christianity. Paul wrote the letters to Peter, motivating him in his faith. The canonical context evident is the verse’s depiction in the statement given ‘casting all your cares upon him because he cares for you.’ In the text, the message is straightforward, and it is quite clear what message Paul was passing.



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