How to complete GCU’s Nursing Education Practicum Documentation (NEPD) Form: Competency 4

How to complete GCU’s Nursing Education Practicum Documentation
(NEPD) Form: Competency 4

NUR-665E Nursing Education Practicum

Directions: Complete the documentation form. Type in your response in the unshaded box below each question. The form will expand for as long as you type. The purpose of this assignment is to document meeting the competency and to promote deep reflection on your practicum activities. Consider reviewing course textbooks: Certified Nurse Educator Review Book: The Official NLN Guide to the CNE Exam and NLN Core Competencies for Nurse Educators: A Decade of Influence for suggested practicum activities.


7 and 8
Nurse Educator Competency 4: Participate in Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Program Outcomes.
  Learner Name:    Date(s):
Complete this section before you begin the weeks’ clinical. Learning Goals: What do you want to accomplish for Competency 4: Participate in Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Program Outcomes?

Be sure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound (S.M.A.R.T. goals).

Some goals should reflect higher cognitive learning levels in Bloom’s taxonomy.

My goal/s for this competency is/are to:

1. Engage in curriculum delivery using evidence-based methods from well-documented research during the course.

2. Provide ample resources to the learner for enhancement of knowledge needed to learn broader contexts throughout the course.

3. Implement the course by selecting content that will enhance the student’s clinical judgment and promote the acquisition of psychomotor skills.

Resources and Strategies: What type of resources or strategies will you utilize to accomplish your learning goals?  Include both human and material resources.
The resources (human and material) and strategies I need to meet my weekly goal are:

1. Lesson plan to ensure appropriate learning resources are included.

2. Evidence-based literature from the library.

3. Research questions from NCLEX for revision and discussion.

4. Develop student learning outcomes and assess the student’s performance throughout the course.

5. Use teaching strategies like simulations to develop psychomotor and critical thinking skills among students.

6. Encourage learner involvement during simulations and clinicals to enhance mastery of knowledge.


Measurement: How will you know that you have accomplished your learning goal(s)? What criteria will you use to measure this?
The criteria I will use to measure my goals are:

1. The student’s ability to perform tasks during simulations will demonstrate the acquisition of skills that can be applied in the clinical area.

2. The student’s ability to wire concepts, think critically, and make appropriate judgments during simulations.

3. Reflection during learning should demonstrate growth and understanding of key concepts by the students.

4. The students should be able to perform well during simulation tests and score more than 70% in their practical examination.


Complete this section after you complete the weeks’ clinical. Evaluation: Did you meet your goal? What did you accomplish that you can use as evidence that you met your learning goals?


Did you meet your goal? Why or why not?

Being an ongoing competency development for students, I have not met the goals. Some of the students have not mastered the art of thinking critically and making quick decisions as observed during simulations.  However, I have managed to provide adequate resources to students and organized many practicals that can aid in enhancing the development of required skills for students.


Reflect on Competency 4, analyzing your practicum experiences: Be sure to connect your experiences directly to the competency.
Reflection: The students have been involved in several practical activities to ensure the acquisition and development of essential psychomotor skills. Although the majority have demonstrated competency in precision, articulation, and manipulation during care delivery, more time and practice are required to fully achieve this competency. I will continue to supervise, evaluate, and correct the students as they continue to develop key skills that can be applied in their clinical areas.

Clinical hours completed this topic:

Total clinical hours completed to date:

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