Healthcare Reform

The healthcare reform can be said to have accomplished major feats as far as preventive services as well as education and availing resources for citizens to come up with healthy choices is concerned. When it comes to preventive services, beneficiaries of Medicare can now access services for personalized prevention plans at subsidized rates or no cost at all. The healthcare reform also has in place provisions which though they might take some time before they come into full effect cold go a long way to enhance preventive services and education.

Such provisions like the subsidization of insurance premiums mean that the number of those who have not been covered shall drop substantially. The healthcare reform will also go a long way in reducing the deficit going forward. The establishment of “accountable care organizations” by doctors as a result of physician payment reforms is also a step ahead as far as care efficiency improvement and enhancement of healthy choices amongst the citizenry is concerned.

Healthcare reform budgeting
Budgeting is an essential part of the planning process. Though unpopular in some sense as a device of planning and control, the role budgeting plays as a performance evaluation benchmark at the departmental level cannot be overstated (Gapenski 2008). As a statement outlining the results which are largely anticipated, a budget can be taken to be a useful instrument of planning correlation as well as goal setting and accomplishment. As a control aid, Finkler (2006) notes that budgeting enhances the identification of deviations from the expected outcomes. The identification of such deviations is critical for purposes of implementing corrective action. It is also important to note that as constituent parts of the whole organization, the input of departments into the budgeting process is very important. This allows the harmonization of processes at both the departmental and organizational level.

Healthcare Reform  References

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