My First Day On The Job

My first day on the job was one of the most exciting moments in my life, since it was a new experience for me. It all started when I turned sixteen. I had always wanted to buy a car for my senior year, so I started searching for a summer job. My mother recommended me to a temp agency with one of her friends. I remember going to the office and asking for a lady by the name Martha. My first impression of Martha was a serious, pretty young lady. I could not stop checking her pretty smile. She handed me the application form, and I kept on calling her to ask questions, because I had never filled out an application before.

I had a problem filling out the question on prior job experience, as I had never had a job before. Martha was glad to help me. As she walked towards me; I could not stop staring at her beautiful body, I felt a rush of warm blood in my veins; I was then still a teenager, and high levels of hormone was normal. She helped me fill out my application, and requested I call her every morning to see if there was a job opening.I frequently called Martha, and most of these times I would try to start a personal conversation with. Besides, being a beautiful woman, she had this sexy voice I have never heard, she sounded like those one eight hundred number hot girls.

Martha was a busy woman, and I never got a chance of getting too far with my conversations. She would drop the call every time we finished talking about my job subject. By the third day, she calls me to go to her office; I do not ask her the purpose, but I suspected she found a job for me. I got very nervous, but am still not sure if it was caused by the idea that I was getting a job, or the fact that I was going to see her. All I remember is that my hands were dripping with sweat, and my heart beat so hard that I could hear it. I took a shower, wore my best clothes and drove off to her office. As I was walking toward the office building, my legs felt weak and my steps heavier.

When I got to her office entrance, she greeted me with a beautiful smile, but I stuttered as I greeted her back; she then led the way to her office. As she walked before me, I kept staring at her lower back, she unexpectedly turned around, to find my eyes fixed at her bosoms. I tried to play it off, I immediately turned my head around and pretended looked somewhere else, but it was too late. Her beautiful smile suddenly changed to a frown, and she rolled her eyes at me. As I was sitting down in her office, I discovered a picture of a man on her desk; I guess it was her husband’s. I felt so disappointed, because I was looking forward to ask her on a date.

As I was still trying to contain my heartbreak, Martha informed me that she had finally found a job for me. She gave me advice on my scheduled interview, and suggested I make up job experiences, because employers tend to hire experienced employees. She then walked me to the door, but this time she waited for me to stand up and lead the way. As I was walking in front of her, I felt like a total idiot for getting caught earlier. I headed to the given address, and there I found a huge building, I walked directly to the main office, and as I looked to my left there was the receptionist.

Giving her a fake smile, I introduced myself then asked if I could speak to Mr. Herb. She politely asked me to wait as she grabbed the phone and made a call. As I was waiting, I got more nervous, but I started to plot a good lie on the job experiences I actually did not have. Suddenly, I heard a door screech and Mr. Herb as I came to recognize him later, ask me to follow him into the interview room. Mr. Herb did not smile at all; he seemed to me a bitter old man. We sat down, and he immediately started the interview.

When he asked me about any prior job experiences, I told him I had been working for a shipping company, but stopped because the company moved away; I was lying so my leg started to shake in rhythm, but fortunately his desk was covering me, and so he did not notice anything. Mr. Herb believed everything I told him, and for the first time he smiled at me, then shook my hand which was now sweaty due to nervousness.

He then told me that the job was mine.During the process of getting a job, I went through a lot of emotions, because I was inexperience. The hardest task to me then, was the interview, because I got too nervous, I have no experience, and to make it worse I had to lie to Mr. Herb about a job experience to get a job. I am very glad I followed Martha’s advice though it was a vise, but it was what all employers want to hear; that you got experience.