Field Experience for Nursing Students

Field Experience for Nursing Students
You must use the rubric to guide how you make your submission, since it has detailed criteria that will be used to judge it. Each of the requirements below can be judged in more than one way. The titles of the rubric’s parts may have links to relevant parts of the course.
Field Experience for Nursing Students
A. Add all of the following deliverables to your ePortfolio, which are all required:

• relationship chart

• Need Analysis Table

• a study of the force field

• A summary table of the literature review

• A curriculum map that shows how your course goals match up with professional standards set by accrediting bodies

• course content outline

• a course outline for the course being proposed, which includes the following:

– course description

– course objectives

– methods of teaching or instructing

– tools for learning

– course content outline

– Learning that is centered on the student

– course policies

– Scale for giving grades

• Content and learning materials for one unit of instruction, which include:

– course unit overview (one paragraph)

– lecture content (e.g., PowerPoint)

– Tools for learning (one textbook, two additional resources)

– Activities for learning (e.g., activities, discussions, group work)

– formative quiz (five items)

– summative test (10 items)

– rating of performance (authentic)

– performance assessment rubric (minimum of five items with grading criteria)

• A 3- to 5-minute video that welcomes students to the course.

Note: Use the “Panopto How-To Videos” link below for instructions on how to get to and use Panopto. To get to Panopto’s website, click on the link that says “Panopto Access” and then choose “WGU” when asked how to log in. If asked, sign in with your WGU student portal login information, and it will take you to Panopto’s website.

To turn in your recording, put it in the “Nursing Education Field Experience Clinical Practice Experience – CCP2/C946” drop box on Panopto. Once the recording has been uploaded and processed by Panopto’s system, get the recording’s URL from Panopto and paste it into the Links option. Use the Attachments option to send in the rest of the task’s requirements.

Note: For example, you can use the links below to map to the AACN essentials for Baccalaureate Education or search the AECN for standards for all program levels.

B. Write a reflection in your “Clinical Practices Experience Record” for each task you did.

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