expand on the information about the five health care insurance plans

I have 2 papers here. All APA format. Please make sure every question is addressed she will take off for every question not covered. you can turn in the other paper on the due date for it . This first one is due Monday.

Each of the five insurance plans (Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, worker’s compensation, and commercial insurances) are governed by either federal, state, or local agencies, or they are administered by private organizations and businesses.


Phase 2 IP  DUE DATE  5/30/2016


One paragraph for each insurance company  from above for a total of 400 words


For this assignment, you will expand on the information about the five health care insurance plans by adding the following elements to each plan:


 •          Background information, eligibility, and covered services


•           Secondary plans


•           Participating providers and nonparticipating providers


•           Payment for services


Official notes or disclosures


•           Billing notes after you have reviewed the insurance plans, respond to the following questions:


Which plan seems to have the most rules and regulations? Be sure to support your answer with the research you have done on these insurance plans.


•           What are the consequences of not following the rules and regulations for these five health insurance plans?




Phase 3 IP 400 words   6/06/2016


Facilities that accepts assignment and reimbursement from the federal government must be well-versed and familiar with the rules, regulations, and laws that will impact the financial management of its organization.


The chief financial officer (CFO) of your hospital has asked you to provide the following information:


  • Identify and list at least 5 of the current federal laws and events that will impact the hospital.
  • Provide an opinion about what you think will have an impact specifically on the financial decisions of the facility.